1. Ronnie Soo

    I didn’t expect that! :D(I know your views on FB already!)Assuming you set up a business FB account to create that page… either way I’ve joined it and will flag it up to others !

  2. Daniela

    It’s like the nazis – either you’re in or you’re out. I’ve even had friends telling me that they “couldn’t” invite me to parties because they couldn’t find me on Facebook?! How insane is that? Same thing with advertising, I guess every business nowadays needs to join this crap. I will continue to hate Facebook, especially after the ordeal they put me through last night when I spent 2 hours setting it up – and then it just transformed everything into a personal page (which I didn’t want) and erased everything I had just done…! Also – what’s the point having a business-page when you can’t add people or even find/contact people?! They can only add ME?! Those millionaire-geeks that created the bloody thing don’t seem to have a CLUE….

  3. Ronnie Soo

    Yeah I remember you saying that, FB is – unfortunately – ubiquitous now. Yes businesses are very much getting involved, you only have to see advertisements where once they featured their own web address, now it’s a URL for a facebook page e.g. ‘facebook.com/cocacola’ .The point of not being able to find people only with a business page is probably twofold; a) you have to have a personal profile to look for other people (who also have personal profiles) meaning they’ve got you that way – sneaky huh? Or b) the other way is paid advertisements, you see those adverts down the right? Targeted, based on the information people *freely* give when they sign up for a personal profile. So although I’m not a fan of their modus operandi either,they most certainly do have a clue. That’s why Mark is minted (!)

  4. Ronnie Soo

    oh – i’ve taken the liberty of posting the link to your page to my own friends list (but only those who I’ve grouped in as rock fans – you can segment your friends list) so expect a few more ‘likes’ soon. Once you get 25, you can customise the URL so it could be, for example:facebook.com/intherearviewmirrorbut – once you’ve set it you cannot change it, so choose wisely :)

  5. Daniela

    Thanks a lot Ronnie. :) A good amount of people are reading this, some of them people I know well too, but it seems pretty difficult sometimes to get people in general to “do” something (such as clicking a button). It’s certainly not easy to do advertising, that’s for sure.

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