Lost and found: DAVID COVERDALE (part 2)

By popular demand – the second part of the David Coverdale 2000-interview. The part where fans had a chance to send in their questions and also the part with the “template”-questions that I used to ask every band I met back then, as a reoccuring part of my artist-interviews.

David smoking...
[All photos by Staffan Eriksson]

Many rock-magazines back in the day used to have a section with this type of questions. Guess it was just a way to ease things up a bit and not always be so overly serious. Fans can appreciate something different than the usual “who-produced-your-album”-sort of questions too on occasion. :)

I wasn’t sure how David would react, which is why I saved these questions for the second part of the interview. As it turns out, he enjoyed it, maybe because it was a little bit different from what he would normally have to answer in his regular interviews.

I hope that Micke Eriksson (Deep Purple Forever magazine), who helped out with the dialog with the record company, and photographer Staffan Eriksson, read this, because this is a message for you guys:

I promised you a copy each of this interview as a thank you for all your help.

That was eleven years ago and none of you ever got it, which was simply because when my computer broke down I lost all addresses, e-mails and everything. I couldn’t get in touch and I’ve felt bad about that ever since.

I take pride in keeping my promises so I hope that I’ll find them sooner or later.

And with names like “Eriksson”…. If you live in Sweden, forget it, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

If anyone knows these two super-nice gentlemen, please give them the link to this blog. :)

As for David Coverdale, I think he is a true artist in every sense of the word, not only as a performer, but he understands the business part of things better than anyone.


He remembers people, something that is so important in this business. He always remembers my name no matter where he sees me or when. It could be in a Whitesnake-crowd or at a press-conference. He won’t hesitate, he just knows. I appreciate and respect that

David Coverdale Stockholm

I think this interview got so popular because he was so open to it and didn’t think of himself as being above “stupid questions”. On the contrary, he enjoyed them and it was a true pleasure for me as a journalist and a fan, to have this conversation with him.

There is still a lot more Whitesnake-material that I will be sharing with you all, so please feel free to check back, or add me on Twitter where I will be posting all my updates: www.twitter.com/lita77777



  1. Purplesnake

    Wow! I’m a huge fan of David Coverdale! U have no ideaa! This is really cool and nice of you. Thanks for sharing this. Now that I saw that you’re “back” with this site, may I add a link in my site to your site? Take a lot of care!Purplesnake

  2. Daniela

    Purplesnake – thank you so much once again, and yes – please spread the word. :) This blog is still brand new, so I appreciate any help to get the word out that it’s up and running! :) What’s the URL to your site? I’ll add it to my links too.

  3. Purplesnake

    OK Daniela, thanks for adding my link! It’s in portuguese, but I hope you enjoy the media. :)http://www.purplesnakesite.blogger.com.brSee you soon.Purple

  4. Ronnie Soo

    This is the bit I remember! Even so, there’s quite a lot on here I’d forgotten about, for instance about him being a fan of ‘Marvel’ characters… although he shows his age a bit by never having heard of Wolverine until the film! (obviously a fan of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel and Beast!) Wonder what he makes of these pics a decade on, especially considering he’s packed in the ciggies long since (yaaaay!!!)

  5. Daniela

    Yeah, the “ciggies” was one thing you can actually hear in the interview. He asks if “it” is bothering me. The “it” being the smoke. Never been a big fan of smoke or smokers. Glad that he quit, finally. :)

  6. Ronnie Soo

    Something else caught my ear there: his remarks about guitar solos. When you did that interview it was during the peak of (spitt!) nu-metal and such things were very much frowned upon. (Remember F**d D***t conducting auditions for a guitarist, with the strict stipulation of NO solos?) So it was good to hear someone of DC’s stature speaking up for the expressive nature of a guitar when the prevailing trend was running the other way. (As for the media-led trends themselves, that’s a rant for another day!)

  7. Daniela

    It can be pretty interesting listening to interviews in retrospect, cause that’s when you realize how quickly things change. It’s “only” been 11 years since this interview was made and so much has already changed since then…

  8. Ella

    Sorry to post so far back (and with a request no less), but the soundcloud link no longer works. Is there any chance you could re-link/repost this (and part one)? Thanks! :)

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