I was a fresh out of high school teenager when I first heard melodic rockers Bad Habit. The year was 1988 and they had just released their debut-EP “Young and Innocent” on CBS. 
In all honesty, Bad Habit were a little too soft for my taste, but there was one thing that got me hooked – it was That VOICE.
Bax Fehling has always been one of my favorite singers and for that reason I’m still here, 23 years later, making sure I never miss an opportunity to hear that voice live. :)
Their career took off pretty much at the same time as I started writing, in 1988. So our paths have crossed several times down the road. 

 Today, Bad Habit have a steady following with fans all around the world.
When I asked Bax before the on camera interview, howcome they had the luxury of taking years between albums, he explained how they only had to negotiate for one album at a time
Labels already know Bad Habit the band’s potential. It guarantees good sales. That gives Bad Habit the freedom to be Sweden’s Def Leppard and release albums….when they feel like it.
And it’s usually worth waiting for.

 The band recently did one of their rare gigs at Stairway to Heaven, Malmo’s only AOR-based rock club. We caught up with them before they went on stage.

This was shot right after we had all stuffed ourselves with pizza, beer and wine, and laughed at the crazy tour memories that the guys so generously shared. They may look squeaky clean, but – never judge a book by its cover. :)

Meet Bad Habit!
[You will find this video on Youtube as well, but unfortunately youtube won’t allow posting on an external site due to copyright reasons, so if you prefer watching this on Youtube, go to www. youtube.com followed by /watch?v=Fc3sntNqz1Y – and watch it in higher quality]

A special thanks to “Dr AOR” Johan Nylén (Club Stairway to Heaven), Henrik Hansson for his time and excellent work with this video, and of course, BAD HABIT for their time and hospitality.


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