The calm before the storm

I went to Gothenburg recently to talk to a new, exciting up-and-coming Swedish band, which I’m sure you’ll hear more about in the future.

I cannot reveal who it was yet, since the interview was made for Sweden Rock Magazine so it will remain a secret until the mag is published.

It’s just a short piece this time, but I’ve scheduled another interview with this band for May – specifically for this blog. I love their unique style and look forward to presenting them to other (open-minded) music-fans in the coming few months. :)


Other than that, I’m off to Aarhus in Denmark on Monday for the Slayer/Megadeth combo. Can’t wait, I’ve been a big fan of Dave Mustaine and Megadeth for years. I even “converted” a guy at work to start listening to the band. He was reluctant, and admitted that he thought of Mustaine as the Metallica-reject who wasn’t “good enough” for Metallica.

He also thought that Megadeth was just some sort of annoying speedmetal that he wouldn’t like.


I had him listen to “Holy Wars” and “Countdown to Extinction” and a few other Megadeth-albums.

A week later, he walked up to me and said he was actually very pleasantly surprised when he heard the stuff I had given him. It wasn’t at all what he thought it would be.

– It’s more like traditional heavy metal with an edge, more like NWOBHM than speed or thrash. I like it!


It’s such a kick to be able to “convert” someone – and even more find people who are willing to BE converted. More often than not, I find that people make up their minds and stick to them, even in cases where they don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s a matter of pride or something, I don’t know.


Well, I’ve changed people’s minds before – or presented music to them that they thought they wouldn’t like, but ended up being big fans of.
Pop-fans that ended up buying Judas Priest Best-of CD’s and friends whose musical taste I already know, who I suggest new bands to – and they end up big fans of those bands. I love that. :)


Anyway…. really looking forward to the Megadeth-gig.

I hope Dave is feeling better now, he ended up in hospital the other day, so hopefully he’s back on track by the time he gets to Denmark.


Speaking of Denmark: Mike Tramp (ex-White Lion) coming up next week. If I manage to get an interview with him or not, remains to be seen. He will also be doing a little in-store surprise, which I hope I’ll be able to attend.


Doro next month and one of my favorites, although it’s not exactly hard rock (but this guy DID produce Jon Bon Jovi’s first demo, and Jon is a big fan of this dude):

Southside Johnny &  The Jukes. Extremely impressive live-musicians, fantastic crowd-communication and energy.
I’ve seen them live every time they’ve been through town, and I get such a kick from this band. If you ever get the chance to check them out – don’t miss the opportunity!


Coming up next – tomorrow – the crazy things FANS do. Feel free to send in comments or mails to  – if you are a “crazy fan” yourself or know someone who is beyond the ordinary!

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