Hell yeah! :))

Poland and Greece. Two more countries I can cross off my list of places I’m yet to visit. :)

Judas Priest announced another date on their summer-tour, this one in Thessaloniki, Greece. It didn’t take many seconds before I knew where I was going to be on July 6. That’s just one week before their gig in Manchester – and then the week after that I’m going back to the UK again for the High Voltage festival. This summer will be crazy.

[Glenn gave me his pass so I wouldn’t have to get crushed against the barricades]

Then I saw that Whitesnake will be playing on the same bill. Could it get any better? I was happy all day at the thought of seeing two of my favorite bands in a brand new country (so many places to go to, so little time…).

[David Coverdale wishing me a happy birthday in Copenhagen]

But apparently, that wasn’t the end of it. Next announcement was on Twitter – Firewind on that very same bill. Fucking hell?!! Seriosuly?!!

Talk about money well spent! I get a mini-vacation in Greece and three bands I really like. I will be seeing all three bands in Belgium as well, but this is a little more exotic simply because it’s a new environment.

I love life, I love music, I love living this life to its fullest, the way I enjoy the most. What would life be without music!!!

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