MIKE TRAMP – release party @ The Rock, Copenhagen

Met up with Mike Tramp (ex-White Lion vocalist) yesterday.
Last time I talked to him was exactly 10 years ago, and I could not believe that he actually remembered me.
I don’t even remember people I met last week, and he manages to remember a person he met once – ten years ago. Amazing.

Did a video-interview with Mike, which is coming up in a few days. He will be talking about his current life in Denmark, about being somewhat of a nomad, White Lion, the new album, Ronnie James Dio and who he would want to be stuck with in an elevator…!
So stick around for that. :)

[Mike Tramp – live, release party @ The Rock Copenhagen last night March 24, 2011]


The show was very intimate because 99% of the crowd appeared to be close friends of the band. After all, we were in Mike’s hometown, Copenhagen.

He was joking, communicating in a very personal way with the crowd, genuinely enjoying every moment.
I have to be honest and admit that I’ve never been a White Lion-fan or Mike Tramp fan per se, it was a bit too polished for my personal taste, but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the new album (official release date on Monday)

The evening began with the new CD “Stand Your Ground” blasting through the PA. Most of the songs were heavier than I expected and Mike’s voice has improved a lot compared to the “good old days”. It has a lot more depth and power now.
Cool riffs (maybe the work of multi-musician, songwriter, producer etc, Soren Andersen that has been with Mike for a while now) and a very solid overall sound.

When the band entered the stage it felt like you already knew the songs, eventhough they were brand new. A very effective way of presenting a new album.

I liked the warm atmosphere Mike created, he made it feel like we had all entered his living-room for a special private gig. Yet it had the quality of an arena-show. All very nicely done, great energy and balanced choice of songs.

We got everything from “Don’t Let Them Put It On You” from the new CD (great song) to old classics such as a very stripped down and heartfelt “When The Children Cry” or the cover “Radar Love“.

He also performed the Ronnie James Dio-tribute “Hymn to Ronnie” that he dedicated to Ronnie and also another hero that we lost recently, Gary Moore.

“It’s okay if you cry”, he said, and when I looked to my left during the song, a guy took that literally, probably hoping that nobody would see him as he subtly dried the tears from his eyes there in the dark…

Mike Tramp has been around for over three decades and he knows his business. He’s never been more confident with that he does.
Like he also stated in the interview, everything he’s done in his past has finally led him to a good place that he feels he deserves.
He most certainly does.

To me, he has grown into a very skilled artist that has developed his craft to  perfection. The pinup-boy from the 80’s is gone – say hello to the true rocker Mike Tramp.

Pics and video-interview soon!




  1. Ronnie Soo

    Is that the same Soren Andersen who has been on the road with Glenn Hughes? Looks like Scott Gorham circa 1978? I couldn’t get into White Lion either back in the 1980s; it just seemed to be trying that bit too hard to break into the same territory as Bon Jovi. However, what I heard of Freak of Nature, I liked (just not enough to go out and buy the album at the time!) If you ever get hold of a copy of the very first issue of Kerrang! from 1981, there’s a very embarrassing big hair photo of Mike Tramp in it – he looks like an even more glam version of Vince Neil (!)

  2. Daniela

    Yes, that would be “the” Soren Andersen. :) He’s played with a whole bunch of people and Glenn Hughes being one of them, yes.I guess that White Lion gave Mike enough attention to make him a name, but he’s also stuck with that “hair band dude”-label which I think is unfair since he’s doing stuff now that is really good but maybe doesn’t get enough attention.

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