MIKE TRAMP – video interview from The Rock

Today is the official release of Mike Tramp‘s new album “Stand Your Ground“.
I met Mike for a chat right before sound check the day of his release party Thursday night. Actually, this interview was made during sound check, so consider that whole “live” feeling with the noise in the background, a bounus. ;-P

For those of you who live in Copenhagen, Mike will be having an in-store signing session and acoustic gig at Stereo Studio 16.00 (4 PM) today.

But for now, enjoy this interview with Mike where he talks about his current life in Denmark, about how you can’t make good rock’n’roll if you’re too comfortable, his memories of Ronnie James Dio and more. Don’t miss the two bonus questions in “video 2” :-)

Also, make sure to visit www.fotograf-hh.se for photos from the release party gig.



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