Doro rocked Malmö!

Went to see Doro. She was playing pretty early for a rock show on a Saturday night, so the place wasn’t packed when I first walked in. But more and more people kept coming and by the time Doro hit the stage, there was a decent crowd at KB.

I saw a familiar face at the merch stand. Christoph – I got to know him during the Jon Oliva’s Pain tours, then I met him a few times when he was out with W.A.S.P. Now he’s out with Doro and his next tour will be with Arch Enemy. Was glad to see him. He immediately laughed when he saw me and went: “I KNEW you would be here! I had a feeling you would!”

It was nice seeing him and get a short update on what he’s been up to lately. As I was talking to Christoph, another familiar face walked in. Sara, from the band Come Alive, she was one out of two female metal singers in town back in the day (the other one was me..).
Check out the video she made way back in the day (couldn’t be embedded so you’ll have to click your way there: )

She came to KB on her own to see Doro, cause much like my friends, she couldn’t get her pals to join her either. But we have both been very inspired by metal queens such as Doro, you can’t miss the lady once she’s in town. And still going strong.

What can I say about Doro… What a POWER PACK! The lady is so full of energy, I get exhausted only thinking about it. She doesn’t stand still for one second – and I’m not kidding, it was impossible trying to take pics of her, every single one is a motion blur of her hair cause she’s headbangning non-stop! :) Same thing when I tried to film her. Just when I thought I had a good zoom-in, off she goes.

Her voice is so powerful, Doro DELIVERS!! It also strikes me how true she is to what she does, she is pure metal, no bullshit, no fake, she is a rock chick to the core. And the crowd loves her. No, they adore her. The guys in the front were almost climbing on eachother trying to get closer to the rock goddess on stage.

They wouldn’t let her leave! After “All We Are”, you’d think that was it. Evening over. But no – people kept making noise  and she started taking requests. Whatever people wanted to hear, she sang it. Amazing band, amazing lady. Great show. Talk about inspiring. She is in fantastic shape in every way – physically, vocally…. And she truly loves metal and her fans. We love her right back!

[Doro live on stage – about an hour ago… :)]

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