When BRUCE DICKINSON spills his coffe…..

Donington – the classic metal festival that was THE festival back in the 80’s… It was an absolutely crazy festival for me personally, where it would have been easier to just have a camera crew to follow me around to get all the details. In some way I guess I did…. But that is a different story. :-)

This is only one of many stories from the Donington festival 1992. There will be more – and there will definitely be more clips from the interview with Bruce Dickinson. Right now I won’t have time to upload more because Doro is playing tonight, but I’ll be back with the rest of the Iron Maiden-story.

THIS interview with Bruce Dickinson has a pretty unusual story behind it. I didn’t get it “the usual” way. Far from it.

The day before the actual festival, I was at Donington and the backstage area. There was lots of stuff going on, interviews, press conferences, preparations of all kinds… I went to the big catering tent to see if there was anything good to eat, cause I was starving.

A bunch of people in there as usual, and somehow in that crowd, cause we were all looking at the table, someone accidentally bumped into me and spilled his coffe (or maybe very black tea) all over me. What the…?! My first reaction was exactly that. “What the f…. you stoooopid……” – something along those lines.

I looked up, and at first, all I could see was somebody with a cap whose face I couldn’t see cause he was looking down trying to make sure I wouldn’t get more of that coffee on my shoes or something.

He apologized very politely and when he looked up again, I saw who it was. It was Bruce Dickinson.
Talk about LUCK, just the person I had been looking for! :)

I had been trying to get an interview with Iron Maiden for my radio station, but Maiden’s schedule was so tight that we DID get one for the TV-show we were also doing at the time, RockShow, but not for the radio.

So I figured, what the hell, it couldn’t hurt to at least ASK. Bruce was most cooperative and said he wasn’t doing anything in particular in THAT moment or the coming few, so if we could find somewhere to do the interview, he would be happy to do it. Maybe he felt he “owed” me that for having marinated my t-shirt in black coffee.

We found one, a small room in the back, right next to the production office or something, and I had to do this VERY improvised interview. I’m just glad that I had my recorder with me that day!

Bruce was very nice, then again, he usually is. This short clip is from the radio (Radio MCB which we changed the name of during the summer months, and called “Sommarpuls” as in “Summer Pulse”). And like I said, there will be more from that interview.

Next time I’ll also tell you the story of the Cameraman from Hell who went to Donington with me to do the Iron Maiden interview the day after this. So check back for that. :)

[Bruce Dickinson, from a small barrack backstage Donington 1992 after he had spilled coffee over me. One of those more rare, spontaneous interviews :-)]


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