As promised – more from the Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)-interview that I did at Monsters of Rock – Donington back in 1992.

The interview that I got cause Bruce accidentally spilled coffee (or tea, I don’t remember for sure anymore) over me. One of those more unusual situations that I won’t ever forget. :-)

In this segment, he mentions that he thought “Somewhere In Time” was the weakest Iron Maiden-album that he wouldn’t have released if it had been up to him. He also mentions Skid Row as good competition on the Donington bill, but adds…. well, you’ll have to listen for yourself.

And someday I will tell you the story about “The Cameraman from Hell” that was supposed to film the interview I was doing with Iron Maiden the next day – for the TV-show “RockShow” that he was the host of to begin with – but he forgot to charge the battery….and also forgot that the outlets in the UK are different from the Swedish. My god.

It created the most awkward situation, right in front of Iron Maiden whose facial expressions I’ll never forget.

Next time…! :)

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