Tommy Clufetos from Ozzy‘s band Twittered about an interview he had done that was on Youtube. Went to check it out. It just put a smile on my face – the guy seems to truly love what he does, he’s down to earth and thankful for what he’s got.

It’s that sincerety and love for music and the business that he’s a part of, that I get so inspired by. I love that quality in his band-pal Gus G as well. Basically, anyone who has that love and passion for music, dispite the ups and downs they’ve been through, gets my attention and “horns up”. :-)
Rob Halford said it when I did my first interview with him on the Painkiller tour – “I live, breath, eat, sleep heavy metal – you’ve got to give everything when you make your music”.

I guess that’s also the reason why musicians never seem to grow old. There is no AGE when you talk about musicians, and I think it’s because they are doing that they want to do.
Unhappy, bitter people age faster. But those that have the fire within them, they stay young forever.

I saw a few new pics of David Coverdale and thought that this guy certainly doesn’t care about botox and face lifts – but the thing is…. eventhough David’s face shows the signs of aging, his presence doesn’t.

I was thinking the same thing years ago, that he may be looking older, but he ages gracefully and he is young and vibrant because the enthusiastic young man David still lives in that same body – and when he talks or takes the stage – it’s unmistakable.

David Coverdale

When you love something that much, when you are a creative person who can lose yourself in your music to the point where you forget about the world around you – it keeps you young.

And did it ever occur to you that if you put a “regular” man age 60 next to a rocker age 60 – you will see ONE major difference…. One of them will still have his HAIR. And it most likely won’t be the “regular dude”.

Maybe the strength lies in the hair, just like the story of Samson and Delilah, but seriously, I think that the secret for a long and happy life – is to love what you do, appreciate what you’ve got, be passionate and creative and live life to its fullest.

I admire and respect people who do and most importantly, I love being around people who have that fire within them, because it inspires me on an everyday basis.
Thank god for those who BELIEVE….!

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