Matt LaPorte (JOP) R.I.P….

The bad news just keep coming in…

I got the sad news around 6 a.m this morning (CET) that Matt LaPorte (guitarist of Jon Oliva’s Pain, JOP and formerly also Circle II Circle) has passed away. He didn’t even make it to see his 41st birthday.

I remember Matt as a guy who kept to himself most of the time, at least during the JOP-tours. You never really saw or heard much of him, but when you did, he liked to kid around and he had a special sense of humor. It took me a while to figure out when he was being serious and when he was joking, quite an unusual guy.

One thing that nobody would ever argue against, was his talent. As a guitarplayer he dazzled not only Jon Oliva, but also guitar-fans everywhere he went.

His bandmate John Zahner (Savatage, JOP, Crimson Glory) wrote the following in his statement this morning:

No words can describe the whole that is left in my life without this amazing teddy bear of a man.

     He is the heart in Metal. I will Love him forever.

       My friend Matt R.I.P.

Morrisound Recording (Tampa) wrote the following on Facebook earlier today:

Our good friend Matt LaPorte has passed away. I think I’ve worked on somewhere around ten albums with Matt. Always a pleasure. He was very talented, funny, creative, and a very caring guy. I have no idea what happened last night, but everyone here at Morrisound is deeply saddened by this. Rest in Peace, Matt. There will always be another 8 or 10 tracks armed and ready. — Jim

 I just talked to him three days ago. This is incredibly sad. He was an incredibly talented guy with a bizarre sense of humor that I will miss. – Ryan

My condolences go out to Matt’s friends and family… He will be missed.



One comment

  1. Clint B

    I hope he gave, and had, happy memories of pleasing fans and playing as part of a great team. Mortalitity is becoming common in our world of preferred music, but individual contributions deserve memorium. R.I.P.

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