K K Downing retires from Judas Priest

I’m in shock… Went for a walk at lunch and checked Facebook on my phone before I went back to the office.
One of the headlines in the news feed said: K K Downing retirement press release

I’m at a total loss for words right now. Will have to get my thoughts together and try to accept yet another sad fact about the band  that’s #1 in my book and always have been.

Not only did I have to accept that this tour will be the last with Priest. Now I also have to accept that the man who’s been in the band from the beginning, who founded Judas Priest – is gone and we won’t see him on stage again.
We get to say goodbye to Judas Priest – but not to all of them. Doesn’t feel good at all.

What the reason is, I don’t know. As usual just a bunch of secrecy around the band. It’s always been like that – just shut up and come up with something diplomatic to say.
What REALLY happened will be left for fans to speculate on.

I’m just speechless.



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