Off to Sweden Rock Festival 2011!

And so – FINALLY – the madness begins!

Sweden Rock Festival, day one, tomorrow. :-) It will be a slow start, but count on getting loads of pics and videos the coming few days.

Tomorrow’s schedule:

  1. Crash Diet
  2. Black Veil Brides
  3. Joan Jett press-conference
  4. Hardcore Superstar

It will be a lot more on Thursday, actually I think that Thursday will be the craziest day of this year’s festival…:


  1. Duff McCagan
  2. Accept press-conference
  3. Joan Jett
  4. Queensryche
  5. The Cult
  6. Accept
  7. Saxon
  8. Judas Priest press-conference
  9. Judas Priest


  1. Mr Big
  2. Steelheart
  3. Iced Earth
  4. Stryper press-conference
  5. Rob Zombie press-conference
  6. Rob Zombie
  7. Whitesnake


  1. The Hooters
  2. Lee Aaron
  3. Lee Aaron press-conference
  4. Styx
  5. Thin Lizzy
  6. Black Label Society (but probably skipping that…)
  7. OZZY!

And probably one or two surprises, who knows…! ;-) It will be tough, very little sleep, walking and more walkin all day long, expensive food, crowds, drunks, porta pottys without toilet-paper and all that usual stuff, but for some reason, I still love this festival.

I’m off to Sweden Rock Festival 2011!


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