Report from Sweden Rock festival – Day 1

Sweden Rock Festival – day one. It was supposed to be a slow start but I somehow managed to make things difficult for myself as usual. :-)

Drove up to the festival, went to the accreditation booth and as I stood in line waiting for my passes, I felt like something was missing. Then it dawned on me. The MOST IMPORTANT thing – my camera bag, with the cameras, batteries, recorder, memory cards…. ALL that stuff…was still at the office! I forgot it there when I left in a hurry.

Panic! I called the office, my colleague was still there, thank god. She said she would bring it, so tomorrow morning, 6 am, I need to go and get it. And there I was thinking I would get some sleep?! Yeah right. :)) I might as well get used to this. I have two more days of not sleeping ahead of me.

Anyway, the ONLY reason I went to the festival today was the Joan Jett press-conference. Everything else I’ve already seen or could live without. Met camera-guy Henrik at the accreditation and a few minutes later my friend Mari. She was the one who saved me in the end, by lending me her camera. I could film Joan’s press conference. Unfortunately, it looks like I need some kind of software to see and convert the files, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Just took a walk around the area – pics below.

Saw Crash Diet, or 20 minutes of their set, but I was starving so I left. Mari and Henrik left, they’re coming back tomorrow, so I was alone and went to the backstage area to see if I would see any familiar faces. Sure enough – photographer Rickard who’s been working for Aftonbladet for a long time, was there. I see him once a year at the festival but it’s always nice to chat. And “Dr AOR” Johan was of course there as well.

I noticed that Joan’s press conference would probably be VERY popular so I sacrificed Black Veil Brides that I had wanted to see, and stayed in the press-tent to secure my spot. Sat there for about an hour. When the press conference was about to begin, we were told that Joan would be late cause her flight had been delayed. By then it was packed in there! But when they announced that “she’s just now leaving the hotel and should be here in 30 minutes” many left because Hardcore Superstar were about to play, or some other band….

I almost fell asleep in my chair, it’s so boring to have to wait. But it was worth it – she was COOL. I don’t know why, but I always thought Joan was this badass tough angry woman who disliked the press. But she answered politely and most of all, she took all questions seriously and showed everyone respect. I liked her. I think she charmed everyone there. :-)

[Joan Jett and her boys!]

Once I get the video-files working, I’ll post it on here.

I need sleep, will be back tomorrow – THAT will be a crazzzy day….

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