…now it begins

Right now I’m visiting friends from the JOP-family, Anett and Markus from Red Lion Music who have been so kind to invite me to stay with them on my way from Munich to Luxemburg.

Tomorrow they leave for a festival somewhere to go see Lemmy and Motorhead, whereas I leave for Luxemburg to see Ozzy once again.

Couldn’t get any wireless internet anywhere yesterday so I’m taking the opportunity here. :) Will sleep like a baby, I’m in a small village, beautiful. We went out for a walk just at sundown, I’m not used to such silence, what a great way to relax, far from the craziness of the city.


Made it to Munich, Germany – absolutely fantastic weather when we arrived, about half an hour too early. Not too busy at the airport so I didn’t even have to wait at the Avis rental car counter. The lady saw my driving license and went: “Oh! Happy birthday!” then she walks off, comes back and says: “Good news! You will get a free upgrade to a bigger car, an automatic, and you won’t have to pay the one-way fee because this one was rented in the Netherlands“. In other words – I got 50% off!!!! Talk about a great birthday present. Otherwise I would have had to pay a fortune for returning it to another country (Luxemburg). Wow. It started well.

There was a bakery at the airport, and the germans are known for their great bread. Saw something with melted cheese on it, some sort of cheesesticks, so I bought that and oh my god. The BEST bread I’ve ever tasted! I wish I had bought more of those.

Drove off and found Olympiahalle easily, efforlessly – thank god for my TomTom GPS. It takes me everywhere I wanna go and accurately every time. Don’t know what I would have done without it. I love renting cars in other countries, because you actually get to see a bit of the country and the cities – well, people, stores, the everyday life-kind of vibe. But most of all, I guess I love the sense of freedom. I can go wherever I want and I don’t need to keep track of time. Sure, it costs more but it’s worth it.

Impressive area, I need to go out and take some pictures. Olympia stadium is one hell of an architectural work, I was impresed. There seems to be a mall or something here too but right now, I need to find the actual stadium first.

Sunny, blue skies, not sure how many degrees but it’s a great day. Alrighty, OZZTIME!




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