In Luxemburg – day after Ozzy

Feels like I know every airport in Europe by now. Waiting for my flight here in Luxemburg, I actually like catching early flights, because it’s not so busy at the airport in the morning. You have plenty of time to have breakfast or check your mail – not to mention the check-in or security lines that are like a breeze when you’re one of the first to show up.

Returned my rental car, actually slept a few hours so I’m in good shape. That car was perfect for sleeping, I could stretch out, it was great! But I realize that I probably forgot my Whitesnake-CD in their player…. Oh well, hopefully somebody will be happy about that, I had to buy a new one anyway, it was scratched here and there.

As for the actual trip, the Ozzy-show, the visit to Anett & Markus and their dobbermann Slash, I’ll take that when I get home. Haven’t been able to access the internet or upload any photos or videos, so I have plenty of stuff to catch up with. Even still have shitloads of stuff from Sweden Rock Festival that I need to sort out.

Thanks for reading by the way – according to the statistics, the number of visitors keeps increasing, it’s up by 47% compared to last month, and it’s amazing to see that there are hits from every corner of the world, some really exotic places!

There will be a very nice surprise soon too. Did an interview at Sweden Rock that I actually had noted somewhere in the back of my head that I had to do at some point – sooner or later. I’m very glad that it was “sooner” and even more glad that it was a pleasure doing it – so… Not announcing what or who until everything is ready. But…stick around!


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