Insecure, attention-seeking rock stars

I’m wondering if rock stars aren’t actually some of the most insecure people around. Probably worse than most of us.

I was tempted to mention names when I started writing this, but I won’t since it’s not really about a specific person – it’s about the phenomenon as such.
So… Let’s call Rockstar number 1 for, say, “John”.

John likes to update his status on Facebook every five minutes and is constantly fishing for compliments or backup in any subject.
Most recently was there a fan who complained about people who complained about John’s band splashing “blood” and spit on their audience during their shows.

The fan in question reckoned that if people didn’t tolerate the blood and the spit, they should stay at home. The fact that John even reposted that on his Facebook indicates that he wants/needs others to agree.
And of COURSE he gets what he wants. There are thousands of dweebs out there who are ONLY going to tell him what he wants to hear.
Mission accomplished.

John gets to hear that he indeed is the best rockstar in the world and he should not bother with stupid people who criticize him and blah blah blah.

He comes across as a five-year-old who needs people’s approval and other people to cheer him on all the time. Why else would a man in his 50’s give a rat’s ass about what “people” think?! What difference does it make what faceless strangers think?

He’s sold millions of records, his band fills arenas, he’s got a big, fat bank-account and chicks everywhere willing to do anything for him at any time – you know what I mean. He is living the rockstar dream. YET he isn’t content with who he is. If he was, he wouldn’t be updating his status on Twitter and Facebook around the clock – steering the comments to be about what he needs and wants to hear.

A person who is stable and content with his life and who he is, doesn’t need that kind of constant attention.
I guess that in our modern internet-world COMMENTS can be a drug like heroin since people like John crave it so much. When does it end?

Does it ever end? Is it ever enough? WHEN do you realize that maybe you ARE appreciated and can be satisfied just knowing that?
Seems like you can never get a man like that to be happy about who he is and secure in his role as the object for adoration. In a way it’s very sad.

Anyone who has such a strong desire to get constant CONSTANT backup for every bullshit little thing, has the world’s worst self-confidence. It just amazes me how this man dispite his “dream life” can be like a lost child who needs the love and admiration of perfect strangers whose opinions shouldn’t really matter one bit.

There is another rock star who is even worse. Let’s call him Bill.
His attention needs are so enormous that he needs his own scale for it. I know – because I used to hang with him and with his band during their heyday. All of us who have kept up with Bill and the gang will know exactly what that means.

He can’t even go out for a simple jog without sending a freaking MAP via Twitter, letting people know exactly where is is, in case anyone would like to “come by and say hi”. Oh, Jesus, man. You’re out JOGGING for god’s sake?!

If he’s in a café or pub, he lets everyone know that he’s there in that very moment. Name of place, map, email, phone number, fax, website, whatever the hell…. 
Cause GOD FORBID he would have to sit there alone for five minutes without someone admiring him.

So … Labile rock stars. And these are the people who I have been looking up my whole life. Their self-esteem and confidence’re WAY worse than mine – and mine pretty much sucks to be honest.

Compared to them though, I’m the most self-confident person alive. Then again … maybe that’s what rock stars are for. To make you realize that in some respects, maybe and probably you are much better off than they are.

You shouldn’t have to feel that your life is meaningless just because someone isn’t carrying a spotlight everywhere you go and doesn’t “like” everything you do on Facebook or comment on everything you say.

It’s nice to get those “likes” and comments every now and then, but it seems that with a lot of “stars”, their thirst for love and attention gets WAY out of hand.

Just my two cents.


  1. Ronnie Soo

    It didn’t take long to suss both of those rock stars out ;-)I dunno, maybe it’s that trait which spurs them on, never feeling satisfied. Bad Company probably summed it up best with ‘Shooting Star’ – although there was no such thing as Twitter in 1975!

  2. Daniela

    At least I’ve been discreet. :) Without a doubt, insecurity can be what drives many to prove themselves in different fields/professions. But with these internet communities, they are giving away FAR too much of their insecurities I think. To the point where it becomes kind of sad actually… :/

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