Just random stuff on a rainy evening

Funny summer – it’s keeps raining and raining. I just picked up my “summer read” – a book which was actually sent to me months ago, but with this crazy tempo travelling back and forth, there was no time to even THINK about reading. It’s Neil Daniel’s “Don’t Stop Believin’ – The Untold Story of JOURNEY”.

This guy has written so many rock biographies, is so dedicated to what he does. I should know because I was in touch with him back and forth, like so many others, when he was working on the Judas Priest biography “Defenders of the Faith“.

Shortly thereafter I was also one of the people he interviewed for his book about rock journalism/rock journalists “All Pens Blazing” (Part 1). Felt good to be one out of… not very many female writers among all the Malcolm Domes and all those guys (was there ever a time before Malcolm Dome…? I can’t even remember!)

So anyway, if there’s anyone who’s into rock’n’roll and writing, this would be the guy – and that alone makes me curious of what he’s done this time. :-)
It wouldn’t surprise me if I ended up calling it “Don’t stop readin’“. :-)

 Perfect for a rainy evening. And what goes better with a rock biography than a nice glass of rock’n’roll WINE?
Bought two bottles of Sweden Rock’s special edition red wine. Okay, I admit – I bought it because it’s a cool bottle. But I got a whole box of Lemmy’s Motörhead-wine and THAT tasted great!

 Speaking of nothing by the way, I just saw the pick I got from Glenn Tipton at the Manchester show, lol…! I forgot about that, haven’t cared at all about that sort of stuff for years. I used to collect those picks but it was more fun to own all this stuff back in the “good old days” because it was really a sport getting one. NOW you can find anything you want on eBay, and it kind of kills the fun. It’s not a challenge anymore and without the challenge, owning one of those “trophies” doesn’t mean much these days.

 But he put this right in my hand, like priests are handing out altar bread at a communion! Guess it’s not far from it – after all, it IS a kind of “Priest”. :-))


 More “by the ways”… There will be a GUITAR HERO EXTRAVAGANZAAAA for me in October! Two of the shows I’m seeing over there is Firewind with their guitar-wizard Gus G, and the day after that – also in NYC, THE guitar-god of guitar-gods, the one, only and ULTIMATE super-guitarist YNGWIE MALMSTEEN is playing in NYC. After that, I can go home happy. :-))


 I noticed that Yngwie and Firewind are on tour in the States at the same time (October) but never crossing paths until the END of their tours. Hmmm, funny idea suddenly crosses my mind – guitar duel Yngwie and Gus somewhere in L.A maybe? Wouldn’t that be damn cool. Then again, I hope not, for purely selfish reasons because I wouldn’t be able to go. Blah.

 Oh, and another thing. An old friend is coming to my home town in October. Sebastian Bach. Yeah, the crazy mothertrucker who everybody has an opinion of (myself included) but I’ll never forget how much fun I had with Skid Row back in the early 90’s!
And we’ve known eachother for 22 years now, to be exact.

 We met last year at “Rock Weekend” in Soderhamn, WAY up north in Sweden. But it wasn’t easy with the logistics or the planning that day, so the texting back and forth with his tour manager ended up costing me quite a bit. But it’s worth it, because Baz is the most unpredictable person I’ve met in my whole life – good or bad, depending on how you choose to look at it. :-)

 You can never be sure of ANYTHING when it comes to Sebastian, because he is as “in the moment” as you can possibly get. You can try making plans, but be sure that they will change with short notice. Guess that’s the beauty of dealing with Sebastian, he never gets boring. :-) You can call him everything and anything in the book, but never boring.

 He’ll be a guest at the Swedish Rock Exhibition in October 1 & 2 here in Malmo.
Other guests will be Crazy Lixx and Nasty Idols (also old friends from way back). If you understand Swedish, or want to put Google Translator to the test, go ahead and visit the info page:

 Well, time for some reading before going to bed.
Roxette are playing a free concert in Copenhagen tomorrow but with this crazy rain, I doubt I’ll want to go. Would be been nice to see them though, especially since it’s free. And then – High Voltage festival in London this weekend. I still hope I can go, but it doesn’t look like it right now. Unless some miracle solves the problem for me.
And I belive in miracles. Never stop believin’. :-)  

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