Talks with Rob “Metal God” Halford

I wonder how long it would take to actually organize every single interview I’ve ever done since 1988.
Not to mention everything else: Photos, tickets, all kinds of memorabilia…. I’ve tried several times and I’m still nowhere close to getting any kind of overview of all this stuff. My home looks like a messy version of Hard Rock Café, people are joking about how I should start charging visitors and call it a rock-museum. Maybe I will, so I can finance all my trips! :)

Anyhooo…. There have been plenty of interviews with my hero Rob Halford. This one I don’t quite remember to be honest, I think it’s from 3 years ago.

I’ll be posting stuff like this from time to time – and it hasn’t been posted anywhere else ever before, so I hope other fans will enjoy these as much as I do. :-)

(I did about three 1-hour long interviews with Rob, and also with Glenn and K.K for this Judas Priest cover-story for Sweden Rock Magazine. I think this one was one of them, but I can’t swear on it. Its just very likely. :) )


Listen on Posterous



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