Ozzy and Lalala

In Poland. Staying in the absolutely coolest hotel room I’ve ever seen (maybe Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas was close to being as cool).
It’s an art hotel called Lalala and they very accurately guessed my taste cause I got a room that could have been decorated by me if I had the budget to do something similar at home. :)
Everything in BLACK, spider decorations, red blankets, fake black fur on the walls and one of those waterfall-showers! :))

I slept like a baby, very comfortable bed too. I just wish I hadn’t been sick. I was coming down with something before I left and I tried to stop it with vitamins and camomille tea and all that, but it was too late. So I was sleeping everywhere I could, at the airport lounge (flight was 1 hour delayed because of tehnical problems), on the plane, went to bed early when I got here…. I think I might be fit for the show tonight.

 Time for more OZZY at Ergo Arena in Sopot, Poland. It’s only a 3 minute walk down the road, at least according to the map. Let’s hope it’s correct.

After tonight, one more Ozzy-show in Denmark and then that’s that. No more Ozzy until the next time he decides to tour.
Instead, there will be a whole bunch of Firewind-gigs all over the place. But first things first – time for breakfast…


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