Well, hello again, mr Bach! ;-)

Just came back from the Rock Exhibition. The interview with Sebastian Bach went very well and I’m very happy with how it turned out. Of course, he is every journalist’s dream once you get him started! :) He is the craziest mothertrucker out there, but oh, s-o entertaining. :))

(Photos from this interview uploaded on http://www.facebook.com/InTheRearviewMirror )

This was a video-interview, WHICH you will see on YouTube when it’s been edited – in due time. But I’ll just post two short audio-teasers from the beginning of the interview and the end of it, and you’ll understand what I mean by crazy and entertaining in his own Baz-way!

[Recorded while the camera-guy was setting up lights and cameras and testing angles…]

Listen on Posterous

[Recorded when we wrapped it up]

Listen on Posterous


Now I have a few hours to eat and relax – and then run off to the AFTERPARTY! :)) It’s sold out, the place will be PACKED. I didn’t even know about the party when I got to the exhibition, but there’s one thing that makes me smile a bit.

Being a “rock-profile” in this city means that you can’t even take ONE step into any kind of rock-related event, without hearing someone shouting your name.

I had litterally just arrived, when I bumped into a friend from Sweden Rock at the door. Then, maybe five steps down the hall, someone shouted out my name and hugged me. And so it went pretty much while I was there. Same thing with the afterparty. “Dr AOR” – Johan, asked if I was going to the afterparty – cause well, everybody is going.

I think Davy Vain is going down there to check it out and the All Star Band is playing. Andy Pierce from Nasty Idols is supposed to be singing tonight, and I’d like to see THAT, cause he was ANYTHING but sober when I saw him earlier this afternoon!

[Awful quality, but Davy’s band Vain back in the day with “Beat the bullet”]

So yeah… I woke up at 3.30 this morning in Split, Croatia. My flight left at 6.15. Changed in Zagreb, then waited for hours in Frankfurt,Germany… On to Copenhagen, then train to Malmo, bus home….

I just threw everything in the hall when I got home, needed my recorder, my camera, memory cards, the questions – freshen up for the freaking video-interview…. I was sweaty, tired, stressed – and then NOTHING worked!

My e-mail had been hacked, AGAIN (problem with the laptop, I need to run a virus scan on that one….) then the PRINTER didn’t work. And the battery in the recorder was on zero. And the memory card was almost full and I didn’t have time to empty it – and I couldn’t take the car to the exhibition cause I would have to fuel it and there was no TIME… and and and…!

I looked AWFUL, just put on LOTS of makeup and fixed whatever COULD be fixed with my hair, hoping it would at least cover up the worst. :) Then called a cab and just went straigt to the exhibition.

Sebastian just came out from the bathroom when I passed that door and I heard him go:
“THERE SHE IS!!!!” :-) when he saw me. Nice to feel appreciated. :)

I don’t know that many people from that far back (met Baz 1989). He is definitely one of those people who was there when I first started in this business- and the other way around.

We were both kids back then. He starting out with Skid Row, me starting out with the writing…. And yeah, here we still are, I don’t know, I think it’s a great feeling to have long-lasting friendships like that.

So, the life of a rock’n’roller means that it doesn’t matter when or if you got any sleep. If there is a party and if there’s gonna be ROCK – then… you drag your ass over there! :)

Two more hours to go and we’ll see what’s going on with the crazy rockers that have invaded Malmo this weekend!


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