No rest for the wicked!

The last “tour-like” trip coming up on Friday. Then I’m done with the travelling for this year. Well, maybe not quite – still going to Manchester to see the Def Leppard/Motley Crue combo and of course Whitesnake this winter. But then you never know what comes along in the meantime! :-))

The Rock Exhibition (Rockmässan) was a great event, unusual and a cool thing for sure. After the interview with Baz day one, I only had time to go home and change and then head down to the afterparty.


I went alone cause I never even had time to call anyone to say that I was home from my vacation, lol! :) But – I know that I’m going to meet friends there. Sure enough – it was a “everybody-was-there”-party. EVERY single band, artist, fan, promotor was there – rock profiles of all kinds. I had a great time! I was so tired I could puke, I felt how my eyes were burning cause of the lack of sleep but I didn’t want to leave.


My colleagues from Sweden Rock, Nasty Idols, Crazy Lixx, Pretty Wild, The Itch, Silver Mountain, whoever else – great evening!

[Andy Pierce from Nasty Idols, with the All Star Band consisting of people from Pretty Wild, The Itch, and then of course former Nasty Idols-drummer Stanley]

Got home maybe around 2 or 3 am, passed out on the couch – and woke up only a few hours later. Met up with my friends Henrik (mr Cameraman who’s filmed all the video interviews we’ve done) and Mari and went down to the exhibition again.

Talked with Johan Nylén, “Dr AOR” a bit about rock clubs (he runs the club Stairway to Heaven for instance) and a few words with Orjan who runs Club Distortion. It’s funny to see how they want to outdo eachother with better, cooler ideas – but that’s just great, cause it keeps the fire burning and the competition drives them to make their clubs even better.

Gilby Clarke was there for one day only. A very down-to-earth guy. Davy Vain was there as well but all I ever saw him do was talk to chicks. If he signed anything to anyone it couldn’t have been a whole lot, he was doing his “rockstar thing” so to speak… Jorn on the other hand was signing like there was no tomorrow – he kept busy both days, for sure!


And then…. the Main Attraction – Sebastian Bach. He had a Q & A-session in the afternoon, so I went there to check it out. My videos from that once again made it to Blabbermouth and Bravewords – 600 views in two days. Not too shabby. :) It doesn’t beat the record with the Whitesnake video from Sweden Rock but few videos ever will. :-)

[Hi Daniela! I’ve known her since like the 60’s! The day before he said that we had known eachother 25 years (it’s actually 22…) What are we – 100 years old?? Lol!]


Friday it’s time for more adventures – and those who want to tag along will have to bookmark or “Like” my page on Facebook for the newest updates! :)

Three cities in one week, and five different hotels – it’s gonna be stressful but also fun. Maybe, with a bit of luck, I’ll get a good nights sleep sometime before Christmas! ;)


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