It wasn’t just the hot bassplayer

Was cleaning the house the other day and threw in a DVD that I bought ages ago but never really watched…. It was on in the background just for the music. My teenage-idols Duran Duran.

Suddenly it just hit me that all these years I thought of them as a pop-band – probably because when they became huge back in the 80’s they were reduced to “boy-band”, teen-idols, pretty boys – all that crap.

But really, I haven’t given them enough credit once I got out of that “teenage phase” when I had that MAJOR crush on bassplayer John Taylor.

Well, he wasn’t ugly. :)

This was actually a damn good band. I think this is a really good example:


If you see past the teen-idol image, you’ll notice that this could easily have been a really cool ROCK-tune. Actually – it already IS, it’s got the attitude and cool riffs, a heavy beat to it, you would have to change very little in the arrangement of this song to turn it into something that could easily be performed by a “cooler” band today.

And what’s more – if this was a “teenie” band, I’m glad that I was a teenager when those bands actually wrote their own songs and PLAYED them! It’s not just five dudes dancing around to some stupid whooptie-doo song, like later on when New Kids on The Block made their entrance as teen-idols. Duran Duran was a real BAND.

I ended up NOT cleaning the house, because I got stuck watching the whole video. Some great songs on there and eventhough I remember singer Simon LeBon being very self-absorbed, he has a very passionate stage-presence. There’s life in this band, no wonder I liked them. It wasn’t just the bassplayer being cute – thank god! :)

It only took me twenty *cough* years to realize it. :)

Wild boys…


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