Yngwie – The Master

The last day of my US-trip was reserved for the Yngwie-concert at Irving Plaza. I haven’t felt that excited in a while, I was such a huge fan of Yngwie back in the 80’s. I even remember my very first byline-photo, I was wearing an Yngwie Odyssey t-shirt and his guitarpick as a pendant (melted a hole in it with a hot needle and put a chain through it).

I loved his music. So, I was stoked to see him after such a long time. When I got to the venue about 6.30, a half hour before the doors were supposed to open, there was a looooong line, going all the way around the block! WTF…! I never expected THAT!

I asked the guys in front of me in line if it was always like that at this venue. One of them smiled and said: “There are a LOOOOT of guitarplayers in New York City…!”
Ah. Gotcha. What guitarplayer would miss seeing the one and only Yngwie Malmsteen?!


Very cool club, old-style with crystal chandeliers and red curtains and everything – just like a real theater. By the time I got in, it was full in the front already. Almost. I walked to the right side of the stage, where there was a free space and the security guy said that it was for letting people through, but I could stand there for now.

Ended up talking with the really nice security guy. Said he is a singer, that he’d been touring with his own band back in the day, and that he was featured in a documentary about “Where are they now?” 80’s stars. This is one of the things I like about traveling on my own – I get to meet people who have interesting stories to tell. Can be anything from a security guy to a cab driver or the security lady at the airport, Norma that I made friends with during our long wait yesterday….

NO OPENING ACT – what a relief!! That’s the best news I could get, cause I don’t like opening acts. Back in the day there was a point having an opener. It would normally be a band in the same style as the headliner. NOW they give you anything just to be able to cover expenses as touring costs a lot.


The ANTICIPATION when I knew Yngwie was going to hit the stage any second…! I felt like a KID!! And the man certainly knows how to make an entrance! Here’s his spectacular entrance. :)

I still get a kick from just thinking about that gig..! The first 30 minutes or so I didn’t even think, I just soaked in the atmosphere, the feeling.

Yngwie is the #1 Guitar Hero-Diva. He rules his guitar and he rules the crowd.

His guitar would do anything for him, make any sound he wants…because it’s in the hands of the ONE and only true Master.

I was standing there, feeling privileged to hear him play, cause the music he creates is just so beautiful. It speaks, it’s so full of emotion, but most of all – out of this world fantastic at times. We’re not worthy!

This song is one of the most wonderful ballads ever. Unfortunately, Ripper Owens freaking kills it – and not in a good way…. :-( But still, it’s the handling of the guitar that leaves the most lasting impression….

I recorded Black Star too, definitely one of my favorites, but haven’t uploaded it yet. So I will steal someone else’s Youtube-video from that show. :-)) Too bad they messed up the audio though.
Here we go:

I left the show that night with a big smile, feeling so great inside – I’m glad I stayed for that gig. I could always look for “bad” things, the way a critic would, and establish that Ripper Owens is not good enough for Yngwie – he just lacks the emotion and the refinement that Yngwie’s music needs. It ruined a bit of the experience but other than that – Yngwie is the one and only. No doubt about it. Fantastic show. I can only hope he gets over here too so I get to enjoy it one more time. :-)


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