Evening of the nerds

First nerd-evening of the year. First one in months actually. It was great to meet everybody again, and also welcome a new member of the “nerd club”.

The idea for this whole “nerd”-thing came about when I had some people over for my birthday about two years ago.
When a bunch of musicians get together, you end up talking music. I love that. But I was quickly made aware, by one of my non-musician guests, that not everybody enjoys it as much as I do. She said: “Could we please not talk about just music today?”

I realized that it might be a better idea to invite ONLY the “music nerds” to a “music evening” and overindulge in everything music….! That way, we wouldn’t have to bore other people.

Said and done. We’ve had those nerd-evenings ever since. We meet at my place, popcorn, snacks, beer, wine, the usual- and dedicate the evening to music: Watch music-related DVD, a live-concert DVD, listen to a record, watch stuff on YouTube…anything that we can check out and yap about. Sometimes somebody brings a guitar or two, well you get the idea.

Basically – it’s an evening where every music nerd can live it out without worrying about boring someone.

I love those evenings, and it’s funny how they have somehow earned a reputation. There have been different people joining up every time.
Today it was the guys from Chains – I missed those guys, we’ve always had fun when we got together. “Original nerd” Hemmi came with his friend Christoffer who went with us on the trip to Manchester recently, to see Steel Panther, Motley and Leppard.

But he had been up all night so he did most of his nerding in his sleep, half passed out in the chair…! :-)

Today was a 6 hour session, but they have been longer sometimes. I think our record was 8 or 9 hours. I guess that this opportunity for “nerding” is something that people who are as passionate about music as we are, really need.
Cause you usually spend your days with people who don’t get that whole “rock’n’roll thing”. So when you finally get to hang with people who get it, you just can’t get enough.

[Watching Steel Panther on YouTube]

I can talk about all kinds of things with all sorts of people, no problem, but when I meet new aquaintances and I discover that they know music and are interested in it, I get such a kick.
I could talk about music for hours, and if I had people around me 24-7 who were also into it, I probably would. 

So, the “nerd evenings” are popular for a reason. 

 There’s always something new to see or hear or discover. The world of music is like an endless well, you could spend a lifetime exploring, yet you wouldn’t have discovered a fraction of everything that’s out there.

I guess I’m a nerd – and proud of it. :-)


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