Tony Iommi facing a demon

I was on the train, on my way home from work….pulled out my cell to check my e-mail. Went on Facebook and saw a message left by Neil Murray:

Wishing Jon Lord and Tony Iommi all the strength and luck needed to fight cancer. Here’s hoping for a return to full health and many more years of creativity!

It’s strange how the world just stops for a moment. You think you got it wrong, so you read it again. Cancer? Not again…! Suddenly all the worst scenarios start going through your head.

You get scared – because what’s always been there in your life, solid as a rock – are your metal heroes. And Tony Iommi is a legend. Without him we wouldn’t be listening to this music, you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog and I certainly wouldn’t be writing it. The people who are playing the music we all love, wouldn’t have known it existed unless Tony and a few other dudes had invented it….

People like that are immortal. I always thought that Dio was one of those people who would be around forever and ever, because it felt that way. Those that have always been there are kind of like family. You expect them to be well and live forever. In a way I guess they do.

Well, those are only the first moments when all the WORST case scenarios run through your head. You stop to take things for granted for a second, it just shakes you up a little bit.

Even legends get sick. 

It reminds you that they are human, after all.

I texted my friend in Australia who’s a huge Iommi-fan and he was stunned and a bit shocked too. But, once you shake that fear and start thinking positively and realistically you realize that there’s no reason to freak out.

Tony’s lymphoma has been detected early with good cure rates. And this is a very determined man. I think and believe that he will be just fine.
Jon Lord was diagnosed with cancer too recently and he’s doing okay. Cancer can be cured, it’s no longer a death sentence.

We should all send our love and positive thoughts to Tony and the support he needs for a speedy recovery. He’ll get through this a winner. 

Get well soon Tony!


  1. Clint

    Also spare a thought for his daughter Toni who had to go through a lot of crap before being able to get to know and love her Dad the last 15 years or so. He has very caring people close to him, people like Bill Ward, Brian May, I’m sure many other stand up types in the often seedy world of rock n roll. We await remission m/

  2. Clint

    Also, as I said to Toni on facebook, we should give thanks to Ronnie and Wendy for making us all more aware of getting checkups for early detection. And I’m sure Ozzy cares a lot too, and will provide some laughs and positivity as always :)

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