Whitney Houston – R.I.P…….

I woke up, turned on the computer and clicked around. Sharon Osbourne was pissed off at Piers Morgan on Twitter: “THIS POOR WOMAN LEAVES BEHIND A DAUGHTER & FAMILY. STOP WAFFLING ABOUT WHITNEY BEING ON XFACTOR W COWELL & THINK OF HER FAMILY”

And below for a brief sentence about one of the greatest voices ever is dead. Rest in peace Whitney Houston.

I woke up damn fast. It should not be a shock to anyone really. It’s been such a sad sight to see this extremely beautiful, exuberant, energetic and talented woman, turn into a drug addict wreck. 

An unbelievable tragedy.

Who didn’t get goose bumps listening to Whitney’s version of “I will always love you” and who hasn’t jumped around to “I wanna dance with somebody.” at some point? I could listen to her first two albums over and over again. Nobody could compete with that voice.

Perhaps I am not surprised by her death, but it is so sad to hear that a woman of 48 is not with us anymore. It shouldn’t have been her time. 

She will be missed.

R.I.P Whitney Houston …


Sebastian Bach on Facebook:
This is hitting me hard. I used to sing ALL of Whitney Houstons songs all the time. I absolutely loved her voice. I practiced along to her songs countless times & her music affects me deeply.
I cannot believe how temporary life is. How fragile music is. Everything you know, everything you hold dear can be ripped away at a moments notice & you won’t even see it coming.
I always figured Whitney would record another record that would blow us all away. So sad that was not meant to be. 48 years old? Ugh. It makes me sick. Such a loss RIP Whitney Houston My condolences to my friend Bobby Brown & his children.

Sharon Osbourne on Twitter
Clive Davis Grammy party..not going. Mark Burnett party..not going. Can’t celebrate tonight when one of the greatest voices ever is dead.
Devastated. My heart goes out to Bobbi Christina. Always be proud of your mother, she was magnificent.

Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Osbourne) on Twitter
Sad to hear the news of Whitney Houston death. She ruled the 80’s pop scene when I was growing up.

Josie Stevens on Twitter
Shocked and sad to hear Whitney Houston passed away. :(

Live Nation on Twitter
Our hearts and thoughts are with Whitney Houston’s family, friends, and fans. She was an amazing talent that will be missed.




  1. Sean

    She was on her way to making another “comeback”. She had just finished fiilming a movie in Detroit that she produced and I think paid for…She was determined to make it back to the spotlight after she cancelled her last world tour. It is sad for sure. Her whole life changed for the worse when she married Bobby Brown.

  2. Daniela

    I agree,,,, It looked a bit strange to read Sebastian’s comment there “My condolences to my friend Bobby Brown & his children”. Of course condolences are in order, but if he hadn’t screwed up her life, she might have had a fantastic life and career. Instead, she was thrown into abuse and misery. It’s a bit like Tina Turner – only she was strong enough to kick Ike’s ass and move on with her life. Whitney wasn’t as lucky. :-(

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