Rockstars and Starbucks

My rock’n’roll trips usually start at Starbucks at Copenhagen Airport. I always have a mocha frappucino, it’s become a little bit of a “trip-trademark” if you will. It kind of feels like “the adventure is about to begin” – not because of the actual coffee, but because of the “tradition”. :-)

So I was glad to hear that there will finally be a Starbucks here in my home town, Malmo. I was invited to their VIP-evening tonight. The grand opening for the public is on the 22nd (with a gospel choir and everything, according to Caroline who is in charge of the event). I had forgotten the exact date for the VIP-evening, thank god my colleague at work sent me a text to remind me. Was tired from a long day at work, so a coffee seemed like a perfect idea. I was dead curious to see what it looked like in there anyway.

I didn’t stay long, just a short stroll to check out the place, had one of the mini-frappucinos that were served, was taught how to do a proper coffee-tasting and left. But looking forward to having a Starbucks around the corner, pretty much. 

[Got a little goodie-bag on the way out]


I mean, everywhere I’ve been on my gig-trips, I’ve ended up at a Starbucks. The 2310 festival in Thessaloniki, Greece for instance – there was a Starbucks right down by the water and the pedestrian tourist-street- beautiful view – and perfect if you’re alone. 

[From Thessaloniki, as you can tell…!]

There was also one right at the corner from my hotel – ended up having breakfast there. I know, I should have been more adventurous but I just liked already being familiar with the menu – saved me time. :-)

Same in Glasgow, Scotland, I was so tired after two days of travelling (that was the Firewind UK tour) that I almost heard angel-choirs when I saw the Starbucks-logo at the central station.

[Breakfast on the train from Glasgow station to the airport – on my way to Reading…]


I don’t remember where I had the salted caramel-frappucino, but that was fantastic. It might have been in Tampa or Atlanta. And the praline-frappucino, which was one of the Christmas specials in Manchester, UK when we went there for the Def Leppard/Motley Crue/Steel Panther-gig.
I’m glad they don’t have that one here, I would probably gain like a hundred pounds if they did!

And now, when I flew over to New York City for the Steve Stevens and Sebastian Bach-gig, there was a Starbucks on every corner on Times Square/Broadway. I actually ended up not having my usual frappucino because there were too many people everywhere.


I don’t really drink a lot of coffee on a daily basis. But when I’m out on these concert-trips I need the caffeine and sugar-kick to keep me alert. It does the trick every time. 

I’m not a coffee-snob by any means, but I can tell by the way a coffee house prepare their espresso if they know their business or not. I can’t resist a really good espresso – but I also need to be aware when I’m having it, otherwise I’ll be awake all night. Again, perfect if you’ve been on the road for a few days or more…

Anyway, I guess there might be a change in my gig-trip routine from now on. The rock’n’roll coffee-kick starts already in Malmo – finally!

[From Manchester, Firewind fall UK-tour, meeting up with Ronnie for a coffee before the gig]


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