What triggers sexism in some rockers?

So Lita Ford is about to release a new album soon, and it was, as usual, on Blabbermouth yesterday.

Another thing that’s “as usual” are all those strange individuals on Blabbermouth who are filling the newspages with the weirdest comments

The article was 100% about Lita’s music, yet the very first comment on there was: “Gonna do some MILF porn Lita?”

Another brainiac continued with another ever so intelligent comment that included, among other things “she s***ed Chris Holmes nasty alcoholic c**k for a few years in the 80’s

It’s an interesting phenomenon, because I’m pretty sure that the pimplefaced teenage boys (I hope to god that these stupidass comments were NOT written by any ADULT….) got a heartattack just SEEING a picture of a WOMAN on their macho metal pages. All those sexually frustrated, morons turned into Beavis & Butthead in about two seconds by the mere sight of a woman among their male heroes.

Oh horror – I mean, really?! How DARE she exist in their little narrow macho-metal world?! Only LEMMY is allowed to rule that world of theirs, definitely no chick. They forget that this particular chick has even recorded a song she wrote with said legend….

[Lemmy and Lita = Can’t Catch Me]

But it’s always, always the same shit when a woman enters the world of metal. It’s all that sexist bullshit she has to listen to from a bunch of insecure dweebs who are convinced that they are exerting an imaginary power by acting as if sexuality is something that they are entitled to by nature, whereas women should be grateful if they “GET” some. You know, kind of what they were thinking back in the 50’s.

Especially in this case, when we’re talking about Lita Ford – THAT kind of behavior becomes nothing but BRAINDEAD and embarrassing. Why? Because she is not the kind of chick who gets offended by rough talk. First of all, she’s more vulgar than most of those little teenage nerds. If you think that the usual sexist talk is intimitading to someone like her – think again.

Back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, she was interviewed by RIP or Metal Edge, I forget which one it was – and stated that if she hadn’t made it as a musician, she would have pursued a “career” as a callgirl. Because she liked the idea of ​​unbridled, unconditional sex.
That was a pretty “shocking” statement back in those days. She was very “SO FUCKIN’ WHAT??”

Her songs have always been about sex in all forms, I guess her last one, Wicked Wonderland, was no exception. And her stories and pics from her and her ex-husband Jim’s “sex-room” and their endorsement of a site that sells sex-toys and what have you….
The whole thing with the nervous teenage boy who’s trying to be cool in the safety and security of his anonymity, just becomes even more stupid. He chose the wrong chick to try his amateur, clumsy version of classic master suppression techniques on.

That crap is just such old news, and I don’t know how it still manages to survive among some retarded groups out there, in 2012.

It’s always the same. I saw some pretty nasty shit being said about Elize Ryd of Amaranthe for instance.

What is a guy thinking when he writes a comment to a music video, saying “She can sit on my face!”? And then there will be OTHER Beavis and Buttheads out there cheering it along.

I heard all that stuff back when I was singing in a band too. I’m not easily offended either. I mean, I joined my first band when I was a teenager, and trust me – I heard more intimate stories than I bargained for. The guys forgot I was a chick when they acted like boys do – so, yeah, every exaggerated sexual conquest was reviewed in the rehearsal studio.

After a lifetime of that, you get jaded, to a degree. But sometimes, in some situations, I still can’t help thinking “when is this shit gonna be OLD NEWS, it’s just getting so… old“.

Every time I got up on stage, there was some dude, whose pals he was trying to impress, that yelled: “Show your tits!!”

In the end, I got so sick of hearing it, that I decided to address it with a sense of humor instead of bitching about it.
So, one evening I put on a whole bunch of t-shirts, tried my best to make it look like it was only one, and then did a bit of a “striptease” – taking off one t-shirt after the other, layer after layer.

I thought they would get the irony of it, but when I got to the last top, there was still some idiot who yelled, with a beer in his hand, “show your tits!”. I gave up. Some just don’t have a sense of humor or the IQ to understand irony and when they are being mocked.

I just hoped and wished that things would be different in 2012. I’ve been a rocker since I was 13 years old. When I started, there were very few female role models, and Lita was my first real source of inspiration – just because she did things her own way.

“Better sexy than ugly” is what she used to say with a laugh. She made being feminine something cool, something fun – not something political or aggressive. It was just the way she was. I admired her for it.

And after all the work she’s done her whole life, there are still caveman-people out there making the same stupid remarks now that they did back in 1983.

It’s not all just negative, that’s not where I’m going with this. Things HAVE changed a lot. We see more and more women at festivals – both in the crowd and on stage.

Last year, at Sweden Rock Festival, people worshipped Joan Jett and they got up early, dispite their hangovers, to see Lee Aaron.

Doro has always had extremely loyal fans who absolutely adore her and Girlschool have most certainly earned their legend-status just as much as their male colleagues.

It’s definitely better than it was in 1983, but I just wish that some of these “developmentally disabled”, to put it nicely, would become a thing of the past, altogether.

Maybe another…20 years from now…? Who knows.



  1. Ronnie Soo

    Lemmy’s worked with lots of female rockers, Girlschool and Wendy O Williams spring to mind. Good post, yeah things are better than they were (imagine trying to put on a Metal Female Voices Fest back in the 80s!) but, I doubt you’ll ever get rid of the ‘developmentally disabled’! Some years back I went on a work night out and it was all the guys, most of them were regular married blokes and normally they’re quite professional and what-have-you, but let off the leash for a night they soon became Beavis and Buttheads! Point I’m trying to make, in my rambling way, is that just because these commenters would post it anonymously on a computer, doesn’t mean they’d dare come out with stuff like that to their girlfriend/wife/mum! And I’m saying no more, especially since I’m a big fan of Beavis and Butthead…huhuhuh!! :D(oh, apart from pointing out that the first rock gig I went to was to see… Girlschool!)

  2. Daniela

    Yeah, Lemmy is cool. He being the coolest badass dude on the planet should be enough to get the “Beavises” think “Uhh-huihhh, if Lemmy digs the chicks cause they can rock – I sure as hell can! Huhh-huuuh, hheeh heeeh!”I see what you’re saying. I mean, that “boys will be boys” is okay to some degree. I guess it’s just the amount of times you see and hear it that makes it annoying. But like you said, there are festivals for female voices nowadays and male and female musicians are sharing the stage now as equals. Samantha Maloney for instance, who filled in for Tommy Lee on drums with Motley Crue – who would have thought that the most sexist band on the planet would ever let in a chick to play live with them on tour. So yeah – miracles happen! :-))

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