Who the f*** is PANTERA??

That was my first thought when I “had to” schedule an interview with Pantera in February 1991. 

Judas Priest were coming to Sweden, kicked off their Europan tour in Scandinavia, and they were bringing two opening acts: Annihilator and Pantera. At the time, I was preoccupied with getting an interview with Rob Halford. I just wanted to get the interview with Pantera over with.

It’s funny when I listen to the interview with Rex now, and some of the things he says. “Cowboys From Hell“, which is pretty much considered a classic metal album now – especially after the re-release in 2012, had only been out ONE WEEK in Sweden when this interview was made. And as there was no internet in 1991, people didn’t know who the hell Pantera were.
It’s hard to imagine that now – 14 million albums sold…

It was one of the few tours at the time that didn’t get cancelled – many bands did because it was risky to fly overseas when the Gulf War was still being fought. It actually ended officially 26 days after this conversation.

But several bands from the States chose to cancel their scheduled tours and promotion-visits to Europe.

This interview was conducted in a small, boring, dirty little room backstage at the Ice hall in Stockholm, shortly before the show.

I’m yet to find the interview with Dimebag, it’s here somewhere….

I just thought it might be appropriate to dig this one out now that Rex is about to write his autobiography. Should be interesting reading:



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