Hello again – GUS G

I went to Thessaloniki, Greece a few weeks ago to see Firewind and get a chat with guitarwiz Gus G. As it happens, it was the 25th time in 1,5 years that I saw mr G live onstage with either Ozzy or Firewind. 

Oddly enough, it’s not because I’m the world’s greatest or craziest Firewind-fan, but because they are out touring all the time which is perfect for someone like me who needs a good excuse to get on the first flight to… anywhere…!
During 2011 I established that Firewind is the perfect live-band. Not ONCE have I seen them suck, not once have they had a “bad day”, they always deliver. So, I keep coming back.

So yeah – here I was again, in Thessaloniki, trying to endure the crazy heat.

The interview had originally been vaguely scheduled for “around 2-ish”, as the band was supposed to have an early sound check. But when Panagotis (a colleague from Greek site Metalpaths.com) and I arrived at two o’clock, the place was dead. We found Elias, the guy who’s handling Firewind’s business in Greece, who had us know that the band wouldn’t show up until around 6 at the earliest.

That left us with 4 hours to kill. I was MELTING in that Greek heat, so Panagotis and his friend Alexander took me to some nice cafes nearby where we spent the afternoon talking about music. 

Once we got back to Mylos, the venue, I was beginning to think that the interview was unofficially off. Elias was busy, was running back and forth, didn’t look like there would be time for an interview. Panagotis laughed and informed me that this was “the Greek way” – plans were subject for improvisation

Turns out he was right. :) Suddenly Elias waved to us to come in, and shortly thereafter we were joined by the Guitar hero with a capital G

Instead of focusing only on the new album – which a majority of interviewers already do (if they’re not asking about his playing and gear, of course) I chose to focus on something that I’ve often thought would be interesting to know: How touring artists cope with different things that have to do with the actual TRAVELING.

Gus has seen “the road” from both sides – he’s been enjoying the comfort of private jets and luxurious hotels as well as squeezed himself into a tight bunk on a bus. The perfect guy to ask about The Art of Traveling. So – here you go…GUS G:

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