AMAZING PERFORMERS – the best of the best Pt 2 (BANDS)



Then, of course, there are the BANDS that create live-magic on stage (not just individual musicians, but as a whole)……..

AC/DC – the ultimate live band! Wherever they go, there will be PHAR-TEY! 


Skid Row (1989-1995) PURE energy, if you weren’t fortunate enough to experience it, words or videos can never do this band justice….!

Steel Panther . the best of all worlds! You’re having a good time from the word go, they sound good, they look good, they are funny and great musicians, what’s not to like?! I LOVE this band!

Iron Maiden – Oh, boy! If you ever wondered what a real LIVE experience IS, go see Iron Maiden!

Def Leppard (-2006) God knows how many gigs they’ve played in their lifetime, obviously they were the BEST at what they did for many, many years. 

Quireboys (London Quireboys) – I still regard their show at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, 1990 as one of the BEST live gigs I’ve seen in my life!

There was something magic about this band that is hard to describe, but it was as genuine as it gets, I remember us all leaving the club that night with sweat running down our smiling faces and sore muscles from all the jumping. Absolutely unbelievable.

Mötley Crüe – THE number one live act for two decades. They had all the props, the party songs, the cool glittery stage outfits, bombs, fireworks, glitter, strippers, Nikki Sixx…! The WORKS. Then something happened – I haven’t seen them do one decent gig after 1999. But when they were good – they were the BEST.


So – which ones would be on YOUR list? 


  1. Suuded

    I love seeing Ozzy w/ Gus G., Steel Panther, Iron Maiden for sure, too. I loved seeing some of the others also e.g. Skid Row w/ Sebastian Bach, Mötley in those days, Slayer, Megadeth until like 10 years ago even more… But my most favorite live band is Machine Head.

  2. Daniela

    Suuded – Megadeth aaah yeah, but I think they are better than ever now. Definitely one of my favorite bands as well. Maybe Dave M isn’t the greatest PERFORMER in the world, but he’s super cool! Anton: G n R when they’re good, they kick everybody’s ass, but when they suck, they are the WORST… Aerosmith were great a few years ago, they didn’t impress last time I saw them at Sweden Rock and Graspop. Hopefully they can find their way back.

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