I choose to be a part of the experience

The recording project will (hopefully) be done tomorrow. Unless I lose my voice overnight or something else happens, it should be. :) And then – on Friday, time for the FIREWIND tour!

I’ve been asked a few times lately, by different people, what it is that makes me travel all over the planet to see gigs – one of my Sweden Rock-friends even called it “crazy” this morning.

When I told him that the alternative would be staying at home watching TV – he had to agree that maybe it wasn’t so crazy after all. “But probably expensive?” he asked.

Not really. I’m so used to this. I know the cheapest and best ways to get around, I’ve made this my lifestyle. And I love it. There’s definitely something in me that craves that sense of freedom and adventure that I get from traveling. Because something ALWAYS happens, and you never know when, where or what. That’s the beauty of it. You’re facing challenges in a way you wouldn’t if you only stayed at home, and it gives you new perspectives all the time, makes you grow on a personal level I think.

If you love music as much as I do, why just settle for live-DVD’s? Why not actually be a PART of the experience?!

I’ve taken it easy for the past month or so and I can already tell that I’m becoming more passive and bored (well…passive by MY measures…).

I’m not a stay-at-home kind of person. And rock’n’roll is my greatest passion in life. I always envied those who made a living touring the world, playing music. As it wasn’t in the stars for me to become one of those lucky ones, I just made it happen my own way. And it works. :)

Cause much like the bands, I don’t travel as a tourist. I don’t see the things I “should” check out when I go to new places. All I see, most of the time, is the airport (or train station), the hotel and the venue. If I arrive early, I might take a look around, but basically only around the area of my hotel or the venue. :) But that’s fine, it’s all about the vibe of a new city, the people, the food, whatever…

So – it’s not really that I’m a crazy, psycho fan of every band I travel somewhere to see. Of course I won’t travel anywhere to see a band that sucks, but I’d say that 50% is about the band and the other 50% about the travelling itself. 

As for Firewind, I explained that the other day to the drummer of my project, they are a great live-band. I drop my jaw every time, because they are absolutely amazing. There’s everything I’m looking for in their shows: Unbelievable musicianship, energy and most of all you can tell that they enjoy doing what they do. It’s not just another day at the office, they are having a good time on stage, interacting with the crowd and enjoying just playing together. It’s a great chemistry that works.

I saw it almost 20 times last year and I’m still not bored. Looking forward to the tour.

It’s just funny that people are calling ME “crazy”. In my mind, it’s a lot crazier not doing what you love to do, while you can! It’s nice with quiet TV-evenings in the winter but if I have the choice, I’d much rather go anywhere in the world for my dose of loud music! 

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