So let me introduce to you…..! [Part 2]

Next up in the introduction of the guys involved in the recording project – is mr:

Daniel Grönberg Svensson 




I’m 100% self-taught, never took any piano lessons,  I have had formal music training though. When I attended Uppsala municipal Music School for ten years, my main instrument was…trombone! 

I’ve been doing all kinds of stuff through the years, always open to trying new things musically. That’s how I ended up fronting a punk band for instance. That would have been back in 1995 I think.

But it’s rock’n’roll that I’m really passionate about, especially 80’s glam. So I’ve been playing in all kinds of different hard rock /metal bands for the past 15 years – the latest one being melodic rockers GRAND SLAM. You might have seen us performing on the TV-show  “Sweden’s Got Talent” – and two of our songs were picked to compete as “Jokers” for the Swedish takeouts for the Eurovision Song Contest. 

So what else have I done… Released two EP’s under my own name back in 2002 and 2003 – titled “Shout It Out” and “Shine“. I wrote everything on those – kind of a one-man-show, called in different musicians to play on it.

That would be about it I think – in a nutshell. My life has been pretty crazy, but let’s save that for some other time – some of it would make Motley Crue seem like a walk in the park…!

But if you REALLY want me to shock you – how about this….: Two of my favorite instruments to play are the accordion and harmonica! The accordion most definitely makes it to my top list!

[Daniel’s current band, Grand Slam:]

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