DYNAZTY and Sabaton were in town last night….

DYNAZTY’s album “Sultans Of Sin” became my favorite album of 2012, and I wanted to get a chat with these guys a few months ago. However, they were “hot stuff” at the time after being on TV all the time, the press loved “the heaviest boy-band in Sweden”…
The timing wasn’t right back then – but it was perfect now.

The “boy-band” finally dragged their asses back to Malmö with the tour package Dynazty/Raubtier/Sabaton last night.

SABATON – KB Malmö 2012-11-27:


Arranged the interview with guitarist “Rob” Love Magnusson through Facebook (well, the crap is good for something every now and then..!) and so – it was time for another video interview for The Rearview Mirror.

I arrived to KB 20 minutes too early, went there straight after work – DEAF on one ear (!) which is a pain in the ass. I hate trying to talk to people when I can barely hear them. Terrible timing.

Texted Love the minute we got there and he let us in. 

– Our dressing room is upstairs, second door on the left….I THINK... I’m just gonna grab something to eat, I’ll be right with you guys, he said and ran off to get some dinner.

Went upstairs to the dressing rooms. Been up there like a million times before it seems… Hanoi Rocks, Judas Priest, HIM, Motorhead, Dio…. Countless names, lots of memories. I know the place well.

It wasn’t the second door on the left. It was the THIRD – and the reason I learned THAT really quickly is because the first thing I saw through the half-open door, was a pant-less singer, Nils, putting his pants on (probably oblivious to the fact that there were guests on their way up…).

– You MIGHT not want to walk in there right now, I told Henrik and Mari who came right after me.

No big deal to me, been in slightly more awkward situations before. :)  Like the JOP tour when one of the guys in the support act forgot to lock the door to the shower and I accidentally walked straight in. He was a lot more embarrassed than I was, lol. ;)

Anyway, when they were all fully dressed, Henrik started arranging his cameras all over the bands’ dressing room. 

The guys were super nice. As usual, drummers always have a story or two to tell while you’re waiting. George mentioned rolling out of his top-bunk in his sleep, landing flat on his face without as much as waking up! He only realized what had happened when he woke up with an aching nose on the cold bus-floor in the morning. Ah – the joys of touring! ;)

You’ll get to see the whole conversation soon enough. It’s in the hands of The Camera-guy, who decides when it’s good enough to go public. :)

After the interview, I went downstairs to secure a good spot in front of the stage before the doors opened. It was SOLD OUT!! Jesus Christ, KB hasn’t been sold out in YEARS as far as I recall. Not even W.A.S.P, who ALWAYS draws large crowds,

But Sabaton is THE shit here right now. People are nuts about them. I heard from fellow rock-fan Pekka before the show, that the guys in Sabaton were all sick as dogs. That was verified by singer Joakim later that evening when he apologized to the fans for not making it to the signing-session, as he had to be rushed off to the doctor instead. One can only admire a true artist for getting onstage anyway, the rock’n’roll way – the show must go on. Always.

Dynazty took the stage right on time, and did one hell of a job. I wasn’t as impressed at Sweden Rock Festival, but it might have been because my expectations were way too high. This time they were more comfortable, I think that an indoor gig suits  them better – they communicate much better with the crowd in that setting.

I loved their set, great songs, good performance – and great vocals. They are all skilled at what they do, but I love when a band has a really good singer. Nils has a strong, crystal clear yet rough voice, impressive as hell.

I suspect that the guy behind me who tapped me on my shoulder to ask me which songs the band had been playing, was there to review the show but didn’t know much about Dynazty. :) I let him write down the songs from the set list I got right before the show to be able to plan my filming (helped a lot-thanks guys!)

Following Dynazty – Swedish “Rammstein” – Raubtier. Metal in Swedish. Not even that, in a northern dialect, “norrländska” that fit their music surprisingly well. 

I had never heard them before so it was a nice new aquaintance. A great live-band that got the crowd warmed up.

When it was finally time for SABATON, the place was PACKED – it was boiling hot! Once the band made their grand entrance on stage, people went crazy! The kings, the heroes, had arrived!

Wow, the energy and the atmosphere in there was indescribable. You don’t see or experience that too often. Not in that way. There’s something about Sabaton that people can’t resist and they get through to people very well. They genuinely love what they do, there is no doubt about that. You can see the spark in Joakim’s eyes even through his pilot-style shades! And definitely in the rest of the band’s whole body language and facial expressions, it’s a party from beginning to end!

I left early though. Long story, I was hungry, tired and had to take the bus home for once so… didn’t see the whole show. But I saw Sabaton several times this summer as they were on the bill of almost every festival I ended up at :)


From the BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL IN GERMANY in July…. I was caught in this crazy crowd and manage to catch this much of Sabaton’s energetic show!


I basically had a great evening last night, meeting old and new friends and also getting together with the talented guys of Dynazty for an interview. Video interview soon!

Check out the photo album on Facebook HERE.


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  1. Bezza

    That Sail Away song rocks alright, bit of a Pink Cream 69 Sonic Dynamite vibe, and the vocal reminds me a little of Ray Gillen. Good luck to ’em!

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