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My year in rock – 2014 retrospect (Part 2)

Continued from part 1: https://intherearviewmirror77777.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/my-year-in-rock-2014-retrospect/


This is a screenshot from my Outlook e-mail. That’s where I organize all my trips. Every single event has its own file. That way I can keep track of things more easily, and also remember where I’ve been. I couldn’t fit everything in this shot but you get the idea…

So – moving on. MAY was a busy-busy month. That’s when the Gus G/Marty Friedman Guitar Universe tour kicked off. It started in Tampere, Finland on May 1st. I remember it well, because I took the train from Malmo to Stockholm the day before and was flying from Stockholm to Tampere on the day of the show.

When I woke up at my airport hotel that morning, it was snow all over the place! In MAY…!?
I remember walking around in the freezing cold city of Tampere, where I wouldn’t get access to my hotel room until late in the afternoon, and it was some sort of stupid automatic hotel without a front desk or PEOPLE to talk to, so…
I decided to just screw it, lose the money for the room I wasn’t going to use, and got myself a room at the Scandic hotel right next to the train station in Tampere instead. That was the best choice I could have made. WHAT a room! I loved it! Still remember it as one of my best stays this year.

It was good to see everyone when I was picked up by Andy, the tour manager, just as the sound check was about to finish. Gus and his crew, and band – it’s always great to see familiar faces no matter where you go in the world. :)

One thing that became pretty apparent already at that first gig, and that was that the “guitar geek” crowd wasn’t exactly the type of crowd that would blow the roof off a place. Some fans more than others perhaps, but it wasn’t a party animal type of crowd, for sure. Nevertheless, they WORSHIP their guitar heroes, they just show it in a different way. :)

The first round of this tour for me looked like this: Malmo – Stockholm – Tampere – Helsinki – Stockholm – Malmo (as supposed to be Gothenburg as well but that show was postponed and will take place in March this year instead).

Took a few days off the Gus/Marty tour but went to Copenhagen to see Reckless Love because I had seen them at the same festival as Gus/Marty (Stockholm Rocks) and though they were a great live band. They didn’t disappoint me in Copenhagen either, cool party band!

A few days after that I headed off to Germany for a new round of Gus and Marty shows. I started in Munich, travelled by plane and train, some great places, some less great places, but what I love about those trips are people I meet and places I see. Not the tourist thing but just everday things, everyday people. I don’t necessarily need to do tourist things, I can soak up the vibe of a place just by walking down the street – any street. Even just walking into the nearest grocery store. Doesn’t require more than that to experience a city the way I see it.

Met up with my friend Suuded again in Hannover for the show at Musikzentrum (which appears in the “Blame It On Me“-video, by the way :) ):

I came back home only to do a bit of laundry, work and maybe sleep a little. Then I was off on the next flight to London. This time it was at somebody else’s expense, namely Sony Music’s.
Judas Priest had invited a select few to listen to the new album, Redeemer of souls, at the Sony Music offices in London. I also got to meet Rob Halford again, always a pleasure. The album was great, the meeting with Rob was great. It was just a very memorable experience, the whole thing. :)

The Halford-blog can be found here: https://intherearviewmirror77777.wordpress.com/2014/05/21/hello-again-metal-god/



The next day I just moved from one part of London to another, to see Gus G and Marty Friedman at the O2 again. If I remember it correctly it was the last show of the tour. At least it was for me.
Marty recorded his video there and it was a great day and evening. Herman Li from Dragonforce joined the guys on stage that night.


As always, I hate it when a tour ends. While you’re in the middle of it, it’s always fun, exciting and always a new destination to look forward to (for a travel junkie like me). When it’s over, you go home and then you have to start all over again trying to find another interesting tour, festival or gig to attend…. I’m not much for sitting at home watching reality-TV. I’d rather live my own “reality TV”. :)

Anyway, the last Gus/Marty show on my schedule was May 21st. I had about two weeks to catch my breath before the next event was to take place: SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL. My second home, the yearly tradition that I can’t imagine a summer without. THIS year was memorable in many ways – not only for the gigs but also for the people I met and got to know, that have made some pretty significant marks in my life ever since!

All about that in part 3…….. Stick around.

The Swedish Metal Convention 2013 (recap)

Still in Melbourne, Australia – decided to stay an extra week after the Firewind-gigs. It’s been absolutely crazy the past two weeks, to say the least. And it’s only now that I’m getting a chance to sit down in peace and quiet and write about it.

So, let’s get in the time-machine and set it to October 25, 2013. The Swedish Metal Convention was taking place that weekend (Oct 26-27) and the guest of honor was Gus G (Ozzy, Firewind).

He was to arrive on Friday and the convention promoter Pontus and I went to pick up Gus, and Andy from the management, at the airport in Copenhagen.

Gus’ flight was slightly delayed so we went to Starbucks to have a coffee and just chill. The topics of conversation were bands and tours, and we got so much into that whole discussion that we somehow managed to miss Gus arrival (ooops…!). He found us – and off we went, across the bridge over Oresund and to Malmo, Sweden.

We dropped them off at the hotel – I went back home to just relax a bit until it was time to drive the gentlemen to a photo-shoot and then later on, to dinner. As it turned out, I didn’t have to take them to the photo-shoot as the guy picked them up himself – so suddenly I had spare time on my hands.

I get bored pretty quickly, so I called Sweden Rock-Mark who I knew was setting up the Sweden Rock-booth at the convention. Figured he might need some help or use some company. He was done and on his way home though, so I called Pontus – and he needed help to set up the VIP room as nobody really had time for that. Perfect. I went over there to make myself useful.

These events are funny, because I always meet people I know. It’s home to me.

The convention host – Anders Johansson (drummer for Hammerfall, Rising Force among many others…) was setting up his drums while talking to Jonas Hansson – who is mostly known as the guitarist for Silver Mountain here in Sweden (Ander’s first band, or at least one of his first…). He was one of the first guitarists to play in the technical / neoclassical style, a style that also made Yngwie a superstar.

Anyway – I’ve known Anders since ages. His mom used to work at the same magazine as me, and she liked me, so she would always help me set up interviews with either Anders or Jens and even with Yngwie himself. Back in those days I had access to some really exclusive stuff, and I owe it all to her. She was a tough, intelligent and cool lady, I’m guessing the guys all thought of her as “mom”. :)

Anyhoo… We were going out for dinner later that evening, so once I had finished yapping and setting up the VIP room, I went to pick up Gus and Andy to take them to the fancy Michelin star-rated restaurant we were going to.

The evening didn’t last long for mr Paul DiAnno (first voice of Iron Maiden) though…. The snobby restaurant wouldn’t allow guests to wear caps in there so Paul pretty much told them to go *beeep* themselves and was out the door before anyone even had much of a chance to react.

Apart from THAT little incident, the rest of us had a great evening. Drove back to the hotel, and since it had been such a good chemistry between people, we decided to continue the evening in the hotel bar. So Jorn, Gus, Andy, Pontus, Stanley (ex-Nasty Idols drummer), me and later also Tallee Savage (known to some as Yngwies teenage love – nowadays as a talented makeup-artist and photographer) hung out till pretty late. It was nice, a very relaxed and laid back way to finish the day.

Next morning, I drove to the hotel 11-ish to pick up Gus and Andy again, as the plan was to start the signing around 11.30. However, once we got there, it was obvioius that the rockers of Malmö hadn’t crawled out of bed quite yet, so we ended up at Starbucks instead. God knows we all needed the caffeine…!

When we got back, Pontus ran over and said that several people had already been asking for Gus, so we got him out there to his assigned table.
It was nice to see fans getting their stuff signed, looking very happy about it – and getting their pics taken with their guitar hero. :)
That’s the beauty of conventions – it’s a relaxed environment where fans and artists get to meet under organized circumstances.

Apart from the signing – and people getting their pics taken with Gus by leaning across the table – there was also a more organized version where fans paid a small fee to get their picture taken with Gus by a professional photographer.

After the signings and the photos, it was time to get down to business: Guitar Clinic and a Q & A session, hosted by mr Anders Johansson. That turned out to be a great, relaxed and funny part of the 2013 convention that was appreciated not only by the visitors but definitely also by the participating musicians – Anders and Gus, who have a history of touring together – wayyy back in the early days before Gus even had a name with Firewind.

Check out the talk (the first part of it, before I had to change memory card) and Gus clinic-part:

Q & A + CLINIC AT SWEDISH METAL CONVENTION 2013 in Malmö, Sweden, [Saturday, October 26, 2013]

The clinic went so well that the time was extended – people loved it, you heard people giggle every five minutes, a perfect unpretentious conversation between two musicians (quite different from a conversation musician-journalist actually – in a good way).

We were all starving, there had been all work and no breaks, so the Crucified Barbara-girls who had the table next to Gus, asked if they could tag along if we decided to go someplace to eat. I started calling a few restaurants to book a table, but it turned out to be nearly impossible.

It was Saturday evening, and people just got their salaries, so it was fully booked everywhere. One girl even laughed a little when I asked if I could book a table for 7 people. “Oh, haha, you’re optimistic aren’t you!” 

Gus getting a present from the Crucified Barbara-ladies, a t-shirt:

gusbarb gusbarb2

In the end, we just had to give up and realize that the restaurant-thing wasn’t happening, so Andy’s idea to try the hotel restaurant, was brilliant.

It certainly wasn’t fully booked, it was convenient (no searching for parking spots), people could just go straight back to their rooms after their meal and the prices weren’t any different from anywhere else in town so it was settled.

Gus and Paul DiAnno:


Tallee and her sister joined us, super nice ladies. It’s just so refreshing when you meet new people and the chemistry is so perfect that it feels like you’ve known eachother a very long time. Just a great conversation, lots of fun and a funny waitor. ;)

Once again, it was such a good evening that nobody really wanted to call it a night, so we made a last minute decision to go to the official afterparty at Club Distortion. It was sold out and Crash Diet was playing – but a few phone calls took care of it and they got us all in the back way.

It wasn’t just the convention afterparty – it was also a Halloween-evening so you had all kinds of weird creatures of the night down there in the dark, hot and sweaty, crowded club. It was jam packed. I thought I was gonna pass out, it was just SO freaking HOT and combined with my lack of sleep, I didn’t need booze to feel dizzy. Gus somehow managed to find a spot right under one of the air conditioning-things, which saved us all.

Everbody had a good time though, and that’s the main thing. :)

It got pretty late – or should I say early – and we didn’t get back to the hotel until maybe 2 am. Wouldn’t have been a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that we were supposed to go to the airport at 4.30… I didn’t sleep at all that night (either). Just stayed up uploading videos and pics before I went back to the hotel to pick up Gus and Andy. Might as well make good use of that time.

There was no traffic at all so we made it to Copenhagen airport in no time. I was absolutely beat but I had to go home and pack and try to clean the apartment the best I could. Once again, not too much sleep. And a trip to Sydney – Australia lying ahead the next day! Phew. Nobody could ever accuse me of not doing stuff to make the days of my life count. :)

No rest for the wicked – I got my little carry-on packed in the last minute and it was time for the next adventure! Firewind in the land of the koalas: AUSTRALIA….

(stay tuned….!)

Anders Johansson (Hammerfall, Rising Force) – fan and Gus in the VIP-room


LITA FORD – The best things in life are worth waiting for

The year was 1983 and I was taking my first baby-steps in the new and exciting world of heavy metal.

Back in those days it was very much a man’s world (a lot more than it is today) and eventhough I worshipped Judas Priest (who got the ball rolling) and all those other classic bands, I didn’t have a female rolemodel.
So – I dressed like the guys. Denim and leather, 80’s style with patches, back patches, badges and all that stuff.

[Remember this? ;P]

One day I was flipping through Swedish music magazine OKEJ and saw photos of this “new” rock chick who just released her album “Out For Blood“. Lita Ford.

I thought Lita looked so cool. With that logic, I was also convinced that she SOUNDED good, so I went and bought the album. In two versions, as the cover had been censored in the UK for being “too vulgar”. THAT, of course, meant that I absolutely HAD to have it! :)

[This was the very first article I saw, that made me go buy Lita’s debut album. I’ve still got that scrapbook, these articles are in surprisingly good shape still, no soda-stains or anything :)]

Scrapbook 1984

Scrapbook 1983

 The CENSORED version from 1983 – now signed!

Long story short – Lita has been the source of inspiration ever since. Besides Judas Priest, she’s the reason I’m still here, in this crazy rock’n’roll circus. She paved the way, showed that women could be a part of the business, and not just as groupies (you always get that shit anyway from ignorant people).

She was talented, beautiful, successful, determined and had tons of attitude.
It’s been 30 years since I first got “Out of Blood“. Always wanted to meet her but the opportunity was never given. She just didn’t tour over here much – and the one time she DID, with Bon Jovi in 1988, I had a gig with my own band (major clash!)

I ALMOST met her a few years ago though. At Sweden Rock, I was with Jon Oliva’s Pain who had the caravan next to Lita’s and I could see straight in. But she had what you might call a bad day. Could happen to anyone. I wasn’t going to push anything. The chance was right under my nose but I respected her privacy and chose not to bug her.

Sweden Rock Festival 2009 - Lita Ford's dressing room.

Sweden Rock Festival 2009 – Lita Ford’s dressing room.

My friend Kevin from Jon Oliva’s Pain brought me up on stage during LIta’s gig. Just shot this very short clip from that – we were drinking wine, watching Lita from up close, couldn’t be better. :)

And now, it’s 2013, 30 years later, the teenage girl that was me, who thought the badass chick with the bleeding guitar was the coolest thing ever – finally got to meet her idol face to face for a long and openhearted talk. :)

That’s every fan’s dream. It doesn’t even matter that I’ve been meeting “rock stars” on a regular basis since I was 18 and therefore “should” be jaded. When you get to meet someone who’s actually meant something in your life, you go back to being a nervous, stoked KID!

Lita was great, she is totally down to earth – has a unique quality that makes you feel like you’re long time friends. So, here’s what happened…

MALMO, SWEDEN – JULY 25, 2013….

I woke up at Hotel Palace in Gothenburg early in the morning. I had just been to see her show at Sticky Fingers the night before. Took the bus back to Malmo and slept all the way home while the rain was pattering against the window.
At this point, I didn’t even know if the interview was going to happen. It’s always like that. You get the details in the very last minute, it just goes with the territory…

Around 3 in the afternoon I finally got a text back from the label-guy who informed me that my interview was taking place at 5.30 at the venue. That was when I realized that this was actually happening, finally. When that sunk in, I started getting nervous. Man! Lita Ford has not only been a rolemodel since I was a kid, she’s also the last name on my list of people I want to meet before I die. The circle was about to be completed!

I grabbed my interview-bag and drove down to the venue, KB – my second home. I just wanted to find a good place to do the interview where there wouldn’t be sound check-noise or people running in and out. Johan, alias “Dr AOR” was outside and he was one of the DJ’s of the evening so he let me in.

Bengan, who’s been working at KB since forever, suggested the main dressing room, which also serves as a hospitality room. It was empty and it was perfect.

Lita’s tour manager introduced himself, a nice man, and I stayed watching the sound check preparations while waiting for Henrik “the camera man” to show up.

Then…. Lita arrived. Her comment just made me laugh, because I know exactly where she was coming from with that question: “Do I know you from before, or are you doing the interview?”

I’m  exactly the same. I never freaking remember people, so as to avoid awkward situations, it’s better to ask first.

She came over a few times, asking me when and where we would do the interview, and when I mentioned that I was waiting for my camera-guy, she realized that it was going to be recorded, so she took her makeup bag and asked where the toilet was. :)

Henrik and Mari arrived just when the sound check was about to begin. I told the tour manager that they didn’t have to worry about us. KB is our second home, and we know our way around. We could handle the setup ourselves while Lita was sound checking (I stayed and watched one song before I went upstairs to prepare).

It was unbearably hot in the dressing room. No airconditioning or anything. When Lita walked in she felt it right away and just went “Oh my god! Isn’t there an airconditioner in here?” The idea of doing the interview dressed in her cool, black leather jacket was out of the question.

The KB guys brought 3 different fans, and a cooling-machine of some sort and plugged it in, so we could kind of survive….

She was chit-chatting while fixing her makeup. Again, she did what I always do – took the makeup bag and flipped it upside down so that everything in there just fell out on the table in one big pile of mixed random makeup-products.

“I bought all this new makeup, haven’t tried some of it yet so I don’t know what it does exactly”, she laughed and continued fixing her makeup over at the floor mirror. She was upset that one of her guitars had been smashed by United Airlines on her way over to Europe, and it was one of her favorite red guitars. The neck was broken, couldn’t be fixed.

Small little talk about coffee and staying awake when you need to (I gave her my energy-gums, the ones I use when I’m out on my own “tours” and she tried one right away. Then after a few seconds commented: “Wow! That is one serious gum!” It is – it’s strong and you feel it working right away. Don’t know what I’d do without those!

I was still a bit nervous, but Lita was just so easy to deal with that I felt like I was talking to someone I’d known for a long time. She just has this open attitude that makes people feel relaxed.
She noticed Henrik’s designer t-shirt, liked it and asked what designer it was.

The first few questions were just a bit of standard stuff, to get things going. And as some of this material was equested by another media, I won’t be able to publish any of that until it’s been used for what it’s intended to. But the second part of the interview will be up here soon, transcripted and edited within the next few weeks.

[A short random clip from the interview – we’re talking about tattoos here]

The thing is…. I’ve followed Lita since the early 80’s, and when you read so much about an artist and watch them on TV or Youtube or whatever, it feels like you already know them. I guess that’s why you like certain artists more than others – because there’s something about them that you can relate to and understand, and Lita has always been that person.

I smiled when she said that during the Runaways-days she wanted it to be dark in the studio where she recorded her vocals. She didn’t want people to look at her making her faces while she was singing.

I did the exact same thing – I turned out the lights in there and I’m sure the guys were thinking WTF, but it just made me relax. I didn’t know that Lita did the same. It’s just those small things…!

It got to a point where the conversation got pretty deep and I had to really use every bit of strength and concentration to stay professional in front of the cameras.

We were talking about death and she was telling me about her mother’s last three days in life. Lita never left her side. It was hard for her to talk about it. She also mentioned her father who had passed away a few years before her mom. Lita and her parents were very close, and the song “Lisa“, that she wrote for her mom, always made me cry. Still does.

It was difficult for her to talk about it still, eventhough it’s been 23 years since her mother passed away. I wanted to say something, just a short comment that I could relate because I just recently lost my father. But as I started the sentence I realized that I couldn’t continue – I just felt how hard it was to even go there. I couldn’t. This wasn’t about me anyway,

So I was holding back the tears – so was Lita. But you know… It helped me, as another piece in processing my own grief.

You never stop hurting and you never stop missing those you loved and lost, but you get on with your life, because you must. We had the same ideas about life after death, or “life on the other side”.

She wasn’t afraid to talk openly about pretty much everything and anything. In her opinion, there are 2 kinds of people in the world: Leaders and followers.

In order to change something, somebody had to be first and lead the way. She was okay with being one of those people.

“I’m not alone thinking or feeling the things I do. There are others out there who have similar experiences. But they are afraid to talk about it. When they see somebody else bring it up, they can say “that’s how I feel!” 

So, basically, Lita said a lot of things that I can relate to 100% and I definitely respect and admire her even more after finally meeting her.

Another important aspect of the interview dealt with the family tragedy she’s going through. I will post that part of the interview soon, it’s very sad. It doesn’t matter which parent made the most mistakes in a marriage or what the reasons are that people get divorced. But when kids are being used as weapons in those battles, it sickens me.

Lita started this Facebook-page which deals with the subject – check it out:

Lita Ford’s Parental-Alienation Awareness

I could have stayed there talking with her for hours. She wasn’t looking at the clock or going “one last question, I gotta run” – which is almost standard. EIther the artist or some manager interrupts an interview by letting you know that you need to finish. Lita was totally cool, no stress.

We continued talking after the cameras were turned off, and I could not have asked for a better first meeting. I’m thankful it turned out that way. Cause when you’ve admired someone for so long, it would have been somewhat disappointing and almost devastating to find out that that person was a prick and that you wasted 30 years of your life following his/her career.

That didn’t happen with Lita. I can still relate to her, maybe even more now than before. Go check out the photos from the interview and the shows at www.facebook.com/intherearviewmirror 

I thanked her for her time and instead of shaking hands, like I usually do, I instinctively gave her a hug. I never do that. It’s happened maybe once or twice before that I’ve hugged a “stranger”, and especially not in interview-situations.

And ten minutes later, when I was leaving the venue to go home and leave some of my stuff before going back to the show, she hugged me. So, I think it was a good chemistry and after 30 years it feels like the best things in life are worth waiting for!

IRON MAIDEN – conquered Malmoe!

My hometown Malmö (Sweden) was graced by no other than the mighty IRON MAIDEN last night. I can’t say anything but just sum it all up in one word: AMAZING!!

These guys are the best at what they do, and if you’re looking for a live show that’s gonna blow your socks off, a show that’s gonna leave you with your jaw on the ground and a show that you’re going to be talking about for years to come – go see Maiden! 

This is really the “creme de la creme” of live metal shows. Kiss may have more props and pyro, but when you look at the actual ENERGY of the band and the show as a whole, nobody beats Iron Maiden. And I say that without even being their greatest fan, I’ve always been more of a Priest-follower. But I’ve gotta hand it to them – they totally RULE.

Bruce Dickinson flies all over the stage like he doesn’t know what gravity is, he’s got more energy than a guy half his age and he continues singing flawlessly like it’s nothing.

Jannick Gers is a one-man show, enough to keep you entertained for two hours, he’s flipping his guitar all over the place like a martial arts stick crossed with Yngwie Malmsteen poses and antics.
Steve Harris is incredible, but even if he didn’t do anything, it’s enough for him to just be THE Steve Harris, people worship him.

Dave, Adrian and Nicko are all great musicians, but they also have strong personalities, especially mr McBrain who always has a smile or ten to share – all in all, there is something for everybody and the energy that goes back and forth between Iron Maiden and their crowd is unique.

I drove down to the stadium eary in the morning because I know that when it’s Iron Maiden – people WILL be lining up early. If I wanted a front row spot, I had to get in line as early as possible.

When I got there, people told me to go speak to the guy who was first in line. He got there 9 am the day before and had already spoken to security to set up a system.

Whoever showed up before noon, the day of the show, would be on a list that security would let in 5 minutes before everyone else. I was no 64 out of the 79 people who were given that privilege.

It was tough standing there for so many hours, but worth it in the end – it’s the price you have to pay for that precious front row spot.

I’ve had laminate passes and access to the stage or in front of the stage where photographers and security normally stand, but it doesn’t give you the same kick. You wanna get into it, with a few other crazy fans and just feel it – the proper way.

[My laminate from the 99-tour]

I didn’t drink anything all day (no water, no soda, no nothing…) because there were no toilets anywhere, I barely even ate, but I’m used to that, I handle thirst by chewing chewing gum on occasions like this. ONE day is fine. But after the show, I was beat.

The whole city was “Maidenized” with thousands of fans everywhere. Didn’t go out, I was way too tired after the all-day-waiting.

[The press today was just as impressed as the rest of us – fantastic reviews everywhere!]

And just a short mention – there were also two opening acts yesterday. A band from the UK called Voodoo Six and the very popular Swedish band Sabaton.

When Voodoo Six walked out, I noticed something that has since made me change the name of the band to Wood-o Six….:

(noticed anything in particular about the guitarist…??) No?

Well, I’m sorry but that sort of had me lose concentration a little bit because I couldn’t believe he kept that throughout the whole show! THAT dude must REALLY love what he does! :)

As for Sabaton, they are awesome live. They definitely have some Maiden-elements in their live performance, such as a frontman who runs across the stage with such ease and just loves what he does. It’s contageous, the crowd loves these guys!


I had a great time, and my friend Bianca who came from Skovde to see the show was glad that she finally got to see Maiden for the first time ever. :)

They were amazing, absolutely amazing. Always worth the time, effort and money – and there are not that many bands nowadays that give you that kind of value for your trouble and hard earned buck!

Two thumbs up for Iron Maiden – they shone Brighter Than a Thousand Suns! :)

For PHOTOS from the show – go to my Facebook-page and check them out!


My filming wasn’t the best yesterday because of the energy in the crowd, but I picked up a little at least.

And some older Maiden memories from years ago! :)) My first Maiden show (Donington), some backstage memories and whatever else…

Euro(ck)vision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 is being held in my home town Malmö, Sweden – and there’s no way you can miss it! There are giant mirror balls and purple spotlights at the train station, there are stages and official ESC-merch in the heart of Malmö, people walking around with t-shirts and bags with the slogan on them: “We are one”.

I used to watch this so called “music contest” when I was little, it was a family thing. But back then there were only 12 countries, maybe up to 20 tops, butnow it feels like every little godforsaken mini-country wants to be a part of it, and even countries that aren’t actually in Europe. It’s lost its appeal – it did years ago.

But this year, there’s a bit of rock’n’roll involved, which makes it slightly more interesting! :)

Two Black Sabbath-guys involved in one way or another.
Ex-Sabbath singer Tony Martin shared this pic earlier this morning:

Photo: I'm gonna be supporting my friend Bonnie Tyler In her Eurovision attempt this weekend. Wish ya the best of luck Bonnie ... Go get em!!!!! .. Love ya!!!

His caption: I’m gonna be supporting my friend Bonnie Tyler In her Eurovision attempt this weekend. Wish ya the best of luck Bonnie … Go get em!!!!! .. Love ya!!!

Bonnie Tyler’s song is written by no other than Desmond Child (does he even need an introduction???) and produced by David Huff – known from the 80’s hard rock band, Giant (I loved their “I’ll See You In My Dreams” and “Believer“).

Competing for Armenia is the band Dorians, with a song written by no other than the mighty Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath).

The Dutch rock-chick Anouk is competing for Netherlands of course, with her song “Birds“. We all remember her for THIS mega-hit:

And Iceland is sending Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson who’ll be singing “Ég á líf” (I am alive). He’s a singer in an Icelandic progressive rock supergroup called Todmobile.

So – on stage or behind the scenes, there are rockers everywhere, even in the seemingly dorky Eurovision Song Contest.

Maybe gives it at least a little bit of cred…! :)