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As previously posted, this blogspace will close down and I will be moving to another location.

April 30th is the official date of the closing and this blog will not be viewable after that. Here is the statement posted by today:

If you are following this blog as a subscriber, this is how you can get the blog updates in the future:

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I’ll make sure to keep it updated. :)

It’s a shame how good things disappear. Been getting all those “upgrade” notifications lately, and to me that’s usually a BAD thing. What web-developers call an “UPgrade” tends to be the result of bored web-nerds who think that they’ve created something cool, and then it’s just useless. It might LOOK cool but it’s bad from a user’s point of view.

Let’s just start with good old MySpace – if anyone even remembers that place anymore. I used to blog there. You could customise it, easily add photos and videos, you could choose privacy-level and you could search for older posts by date. Perfect.

Then – they “upgraded” it. The result? You couldn’t do ANY of the things above. Customise? No. Search? No. Add media files easily? No. Privacy? No.

What a great “upgrade”. NOT.

That was when I left the site, and I was one of those who held on to Myspace longer than most because I still think that while it worked, it was superior to Facebook. But all the MySpace “upgrades” KILLED the site. It just became this cluttered mess with no functionality whatsoever. But I’m sure that the ones who created it figured it LOOKED cool. I don’t give a rats ass what it LOOKS like if I can’t USE it?!

Recently they “upgraded” Photobucket, another service I’ve been using for many years – and thought was so good that I even paid for the Pro-version. I don’t pay for any online services usually, but Photobucket has provided great features for years.

I logged in the other day and was greeted by some fancy “WELCOME TO THE NEW PHOTOBUCKET“-banner. “Take the tour” it said. Now it’s a cluttery mess. Sighh… Here we go again with some crappy “upgrade”.

I had thousands of photos on there, and I knew exactly how to find them, because I knew approximately when the pics were uploaded, so I could just click directly on the navigation-links on the bottom of the page (just page-links, page 1 to 10000 or whatever). Took a few seconds and I got my pic. Easy.

NOW I get this fucking annoying piece of shit thing that just loads as you scroll! They did the same on the MySpace blog by the way. WHAT is the purpose of THAT!? If I want to find something, I’ll have to take THE DAY OFF and wait while the fancy little wheel keeps spinning…!

Oh yeah. “Upgrade”……

[Keeps spinning like a record….all day long]

Then there’s MSN Messenger that “upgraded” to Skype. Never liked Skype. The phone-function might be very useful if you’ve got friends abroad and it’s also the ONLY option if I want to speak to one of my friends who lives in New York and for some reason has a phone that won’t accept incoming calls from Sweden. But as a chat-tool it sucks. I don’t like the look of it and the customization options are almost none. The call option is sometimes so bad that you’re lucky if you hear every three words.

So anyway, MSN Messenger is being phased out as well. Not that I used it much, just for weekly chats with a friend in Australia. But I still think that as a chat-tool it’s on a different planet than Skype’s downgrade-version.

Hotmail is being “upgraded” to Outlook. I checked it out. Oh my god. I hated it. Absolutely HATED it. I’m sure that 90% of the population loves Facebook so much that they want to “integrate” it with EVERYTHING, but I sure as hell don’t. Every new internet service nowadays just ASSUMES that you want to “share” everything.

I don’t. I want my e-mails private and separate from ANYTHING that has to do with Facebook! I don’t want everybody’s timeline updates in my MAIL (WTF?!?!) I don’t want Facebook and Twitter in my MAIL! Do I have a choice? NO, somebody’s has decided that I’m not allowed to use the service that I want, with the functions that I’m looking for. They have decided that OTHERS want this shit, and so I have to like it too. Gee, thanks.

This new “upgraded” shit thinks that you love to have all that stuff in your face every time you login to read your mail.

There is barely anything online nowadays that is NOT somehow Facebook-connected. It’s like a giant BIG BROTHER SEES YOU……  You can login to anything with your Facebook or Twitter account for instance. Many sites assume that everything you do on there should be shared on Facebook. I’m just getting nervous with that whole thing.

It’s gone from being something that you can kill time with as a bit of entertainment, and maybe say hi to people you couldn’t find any other way – to something that has taken over the internet and people’s lives. That actually worries me.

Upgrades suck. They force you to use something that you don’t want and try to make it sound like it’s better and something you should be grateful for. If you DON’T want the “upgrade”, tough shit, there IS no choice. The decision has been taken FOR you.

Yes I am slightly frustrated but what can you do.

Going back to what I wrote before – Posterous is closing permanently April 30 – so everything will be erased from this site. Any Favorite-links or subscriptions should be changed to instead (and if you’ve also been following the Firewind-blog, the new location is

And thank you to all of you who’ve been following my scribblings for years, you rock!! :-)))

[Feb 16, 2013]

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