Off to the US!

Bags are packed – off to New York tomorrow. Well… only to continue right on to Atlanta and then back to NYC again.

Time for two more Firewind shows, and if I’m not too jetlagged, maybe I’ll catch metal queen Doro in NYC as well. :-)

As usual, not sure when or if I’ll get to an internet connection while over there but check here or Facebook ( for updates. :)

It almost feels like it was only a few months ago – but here are the Atlanta and New York City gigs from 2011 – same venues this time. Only difference is that there will be a different singer. I have NO idea what to expect.

[Hoping to catch new frontman Kelly Carpenter Sundown for an interview in NYC]

Not too long ago I was in THIS crowd (jetlagged as f***….). The Masquerade, Atlanta:

And then, a few days later, just like this year, The Gramercy Theater in NYC:

Love these guys! :-)

And…maybe also Doro if I can keep my eyes open after sleeping in a car after the Atlanta gig. Here she is from KB, Malmö, Sweden:

Well, time to get some sleep. Can’t wait to get to the States, that’s like home….

[Feb 1, 2013]

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