The hierarchy of rock

I just found this little “pyramid of rock’n’roll” in one of my older blogs. We all know that there IS a hierarchy in rock just as much as there is in a royal dynasty. And this is pretty much what it
looks like! :-)



The BAND / artist 

VERY important:

The MANAGER of the band. The tour manager (those are not necessarily the same person). People from the label.  Other people from the management.

CREW-MEMBERS, people are jealous of them cause they’ve got a AAA-crew passes and travel with cool bands! :)

Roadies, stage manager, guitar-, bass-, drum techs, light techs, sound guys etc…

Other VIP-people, in pretty much that order:

A. Friends of the band (normally other musicians), girlfriends, wives or groupies who are allowed to stand on the stage behind the stacks and shit, and watch the show.

B. Journalists and/or chosen webmasters of the band.

C. Photographers

D. Security people

…and then on the absolute bottom of the Rock’n’roll-importance hierarchy, at least at shows and festivals –THE FANS. In other words, the people who are actually paying for everything: They are buying the records, the merch and concert tickets, which in turn pays everybody else’s paychecks. :)

Without the fans, the bands wouldn’t be selling any albums or get people to their shows – which in turn means that the managers wouldn’t make any money, and there would be no need for a crewNo groupies would bother hanging around a band that’s not successful and no journalists or photographers would waste their time writing about or taking pics of a band that has no fans.

Pretty funny if you ask me. But – that’s rock’n’roll hierarchy for you right there! :)

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