Rolling Stones – 60 000 tickets in 30 minutes!!

So the general ticket sales for ROLLING STONES started this morning. It’s been 7 years since Jagger, Richards & co visited Sweden (the last time they were supposed to play here, they had to cancel all gigs because Keith Richards fell out of a freaking coconut-tree!)

It’s just a band that I always wanted to see but the few times they’ve been in Sweden, I’ve either been too young, or too broke, I wasn’t in the country or they cancelled… So THIS time, it was time to get those much anticipated tickets!

As always, there’s a bit of an adrenaline-rush when tickets for something go on sale. It’s a race, it’s exciting and nerve wracking, cause you KNOW that thousands of people all over the country are waiting, just like you, for THAT very second when the sale begins, to get their hands on those precious tickets!

In my case, it was extremely bad timing.
I had to be at the doctor’s this morning, and since you never know when you’ll be able to get another appointment, I couldn’t cancel it. But it was at 8.55 AM and the ticket sales were supposed to start at 9.00…….

I had plan A, B and C ready in my mind.
Plan A was to show up VERY early and hope I would get called right away. I would be out the door just in time for the ticket sales.
Plan B was to “go to the bathroom” in case they were late calling my name, and get those tickets using my smartphone. What are they gonna do, tell me I can’t go do the loo? :)
And plan C was to just either not show up at all or simply tell them to let somebody else go before me.

Either way, I wasn’t about to miss this opportunity!

I was lucky. I got there early, got out after less than 10 minutes and went to my car to get in the virtual waiting line for those tickets…!

It said that I was in line and when it was my turn, the page would refresh and let me choose my tix. After 10 minutes, there was still nothing. Totally dead. I thought I had missed my chance.

I called my friend Mari to ask her if it looked the same on her PC and she confirmed that it did. It looked stuck, but she told me to hang in there, it was the same for every single major ticket sale. I know that but patience is not my strong side when it comes to things like this. :)

So, I put the smartphone on the passenger seat and drove off, figured that maybe I would have better luck trying from my PC.

Then, in the middle of traffic, I saw that the page had updated! And it told me to choose my preferred seats/tickets!


I pulled up to the side of the road and stopped so that I could finish my purchase.

And I got my tickets! The day was saved!! Ten minutes later, the 60,000 capacity arena, was SOLD OUT!


It’s 2014. The bands and artists that wrote music history won’t be around much longer. This is the last chance to see legends – real, true superstars in every sense of the word. They wrote the book. Everything that came after them did just that – came after them.

[John Lennon & Mick Jagger]

Courtesy of

It’s the real deal, simply something as close to music royalty as you will ever get.

[Jimi Hendrix & Keith Richards]

Courtesy of

I’m glad I got to see Tina Turner and Paul McCartney, and I’m so glad that I got to meet Beatles-producer George Martin.

Stones and Elton John are on the road this year. I’ll try to get good tickets for Elton as well. It’s a privilege I’m not missing out on. :-)


[Me, front row, Tina Turner at Ullevi, Gothenburg, August 5, 2000]


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