So the journey begins

At Copenhagen airport. I love this place. It’s like you’ve got the whole world here in miniature – every nationality, all kinds of people with all kinds of stories, destinies and destinations – only within these walls. I love it. When I was going through security I saw a security officer holding a tiny little baby while the mother was putting her bags up for inspection. He was smiling. When the mother and child passed the security, once again, two security women took turns holding the baby and it just made me smile to see THEIR faces. People meet and share small moments, but moments is what life is made of. :) Better make each one count.

It’s also easy to see which ones don’t tavel a lot. They don’t know those unwritten rules that the rest of us take for granted: To stand to the right on the escalator and let people pass to the left (maybe the other way around in other countries, but you NEVER take up ALL the space), letting people get OFF the train before you try to ENTER it, Somehow it’s just so logical but some people don’t know that by experience. But apart from that, it’s my favorite thing in life to travel. :)

I just enjoyed a light lunch at Joe & The Juice with an immunity-boost juice (I try to stuff myself with vitamin C and organic juices before and during travel. So many germs when there are so many people around you, better be safe than sorry).

Two hours before boarding time. I’m looking forward to the trip with Emirates. Already checked the menu and the in-flight movies. I know what I want to watch already, and I love the Emirates-comfort. Even in Economy it’s top notch. Next time I travel with them I will be eligible for an upgrade with my miles.

Almost 5 hours to kill in Dubai but it was a huge airport, I’ll just go “window shopping”. Many hours until I get to Seoul but it’s the journey, not just the destination, that I enjoy.

I’ll be updating here as often as I can – depending on when I can get free Wi-Fi. :D  Saturday evening it’s OZZY TIME!

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