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The true love for rock’n’roll

This kind of got me thinking of exactly how much I love rock’n’roll.
Was talking to a guy the other day and he said he was into “all kinds of music“, and was trying to convince me that Ultravox (new wave band from the 80’s, playing electronic music) were far better than any metal band – and he was going to make it his mission to make me realize that.

I thought he was kidding, but the dude was dead serious. :) Oh boy. Talk about wasting time and breath for nothing. :)

I can see and appreciate the qualities in other kinds of music, for whatever it may be. It could be good musicianship or a taste for well produced albums or just memorable sing-along songs or whatever. But my HEART is wherever rock’n’roll is. That’s something that people who aren’t IN it, will never understand. Especially not those who say that they listen to “all kinds of music”. I think most of us do, but rockers will always state rock as their favorite music when asked, as opposed to people who don’t passionately love anything, they just listen to “everything”….

Rock’n’roll touches my heart simply because it’s genuine. And I’m not just talking about heavy metal, I’m going back to the 60’s in my trail of thoughts right now. There was all that rebellion going on back then, that paved the way for pretty much all artists today. You had John Lennon – the rebel, you had Stones, Hendrix, Janis, Morrison, The Who… You name it. Mentioning Ultravox in the same breath as those people is just ridiculous. :)

When I listen to Janis Joplin for instance, it’s almost as if she’s transferring her thoughts and emotions directly to the listener, it’s that intense. She was just so amazing and definitely a rebel and a pioneer as no women were doing what she was doing back then. It’s impossible to listen to her sing and feel indifferent.

As far as metal…. It’s got everything that I love about music. It represents strength, power, truth, sex, love, passion, freedom, living life to its fullest (yes I know there are bands in the genre that represent the exact opposite, but generally speaking).

When I first heard Judas Priest, it just knocked me off my feet. There were loud, screaming guitars, loud screaming vocals, pounding bass and drums that just punched you in the face in the most amazing sort of way, the whole combo grabbed my heart and it’s kept that firm grip of it ever since.

The reason why people love bands like Motley Crue for instance, is because they didn’t care about anything, they just did whatever they felt like doing, regardless what was considered tasteful or acceptable.

I’m not saying I agree with all their choices in life but a part of me admires their absolute disregard of what an “acceptable lifestyle” is. Most people are stuck in their everyday lives, being told what to do by their boss, their spouse, their government…whatever other authority you can think of.

Everybody dreams of being able to tell all those authorities to piss off, but most people are not in the position to do that. So, Motley Crue were kind of doing it FOR them.
Societies all over the world also usually tell you to surpress your sexuality, Motley Crue (and most hard rock/metal bands I can think of) are telling you the exact opposite. Embrace it, live it, love it. 
It’s YOUR life, nobody else’s. Do whatever you want, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else. That’s why they’re still around. The bad boys dared to just not give a rats ass.

Having said that, I still don’t agree with a lot of shit that they’ve done, but that’s a different story.

The feeling I get from a really great live-show or a crazy good song/album, is almost indescribable. I can’t think of ANY chemical drug that could do a better job. Not in a million years. It’s the same type of euphoria that you experience when you have a crush on someone. That short period of time when you’re up in the pink clouds, can’t eat, can’t sleep and you just walk around with a silly smile on your face. THAT’s what good music does to you.

I’ll never forget that Whitesnake-show at Sweden Rock Festival a few years ago when David surprised everybody by bringing out Bernie Marsden on stage – and then also Adrian Vandenberg…! THAT, combined with the music, oh my god, I was crying like a baby! It was just so incredibly powerful, so touching, I couldn’t stop the tears for HOURS after that…!

One of my colleagues from Sweden Rock still remembers that, he met me right after the show and I looked like Alice Cooper cause my makeup was smeared all over my face from the tears.

I had the same reaction when Rob Halford was playing in Malmo many years ago, at the local rock club KB with his band HALFORD. When he sang “Victim of Changes” something just burst inside and I was just bawling my eyes out. I could not believe that my hero was that close, on a club stage, singing THAT song!

A friend of mine met me outside after the show and I was still crying. She thought I was sad, I had to explain that I was just so goddamn happy that crying was the only way to get it all out of my system.

[Not Victim of Changes, but another one of my fav Priest-covers, Diamonds and Rust!]

I’ve been walking around with Tony Martin’s various recordings in my Motörheadphönes for days now. After all these years….I could listen to that voice over and over again, every day, for 30 years, and I would STILL not get sick of it. In my book. Martin is the embodiment of vocal perfection!

I just feel that “high” every time I hear him. Jesus, he was unreal. He’s always been compared to Dio, but as much as I love and respect Ronnie, and think that he was outstanding, he just didn’t have the same range as Tony. If he did, he wasn’t using it the same way. Tony Martin has this HUGE masculine voice that suddenly just takes detours out into the stratosphere. That voice had a spell on me since 1989 when I first heard him with Black Sabbath.

[Tony belting it out with Mischa Calvin, fantastic album!!]

And lately I’ve been picking up Apollo Papathanasio’s extensive back catalog as well. Vocally, he’s like a Swedish/Greek equivalent to Tony Martin, he’s got the same kind of wide-range voice, deep and sensual, while also being able to hit you with those powerful, strong vocal lines that so few singers have the ability to do. When this song comes on, with one of his many projects, Sandalinas, I just want to kick back, close my eyes, listen and let that voice take me to foreign lands..! :)

Metal is of course also about aggression, which I guess is the one part of it that most non-metalheads have picked up on (and focused on).

But it’s the best way to get all those aggressions OUT. You don’t need expensive therapy or Prozac when you’ve got MEGADETH for example. This is what I wrote right after their show in Aarhus, Denmark back in 2011:

“It feels so frikkin’ great when that heavy, aggressive music, the pumping bass and angry, distorted guitars hits your eardrums – it’s like a spring-cleaning for the soul. Whatever might be stored in there, whether you’re aware of it or not, it just goes away. Amazing.”

Dave Mustaine is an angry man and I love him for it. I love his sarcasm and his grumpy face, I love his fuck you-songs, especially when he has a very intelligent way of approaching whatever issues he’s got with politicians or society. He’s got something to say and he’s certainly not afraid of voicing his opinion, loud and clear.

Megadeth calls to the absolutely most primal sides of us all and hearing those pissed off, aggressive songs is like fucking ANGEL CHOIRS in MY ears! There’s another “high” that metal brings, no doubt.

Rock’n’roll is the love of my life. I’ve pretty much dedicated my whole life to it. I’ll let Lita Ford express it with this song – Rock’n’Roll Made Me What I Am Today.
To have some random dude thinking that he will get me to think that ULTRAVOX is better than rock… lol!

I wouldn’t count on it. ;)

MEGADETH, tiny fans and assholes

Had barely had a chance to get enough sleep after the Whitesnake-show in Manchester, before it was time to get on a train to Copenhagen to see Megadeth.

Talk about contrasts. One evening you’re in a huge arena with mostly older, excited but civilised fans. The next, you’re off to see a band that, dispite their many years in the business, have mostly young, teenage dudes as their audience.

When I got to Vega, the venue, there were a few guys sitting there with a beer case and a boom box that was blasting the “Peace sells….But who’s buying?“-album.

They were pretty entertaining though, as they decided to score goals between two empty beer bottles… Given that they were anything but sober, you can imagine how that went. :) I wish I had filmed that. ;)

As it started filling up with people, I realized that I was the only girl there. Must have looked pretty weird. I wasn’t there with a boyfriend as my excuse, I was the only blonde person and definitely the only female in my “age range”.

One guy even asked me if this was “my first time”. THAT was pretty funny! :)) I told him that my first Megadeth concert was probably more than 20 years ago, so, most likely before he was even born. ;) He quickly realized that maybe he had judged a little bit too fast.

Once the doors opened, I thought it was going to be a riot, but it was pretty civilised, much to my surprise. Eventhough people were very impatient to get in, they behaved like normal people. Thank god. I’ve been to Megadeth-shows before and their fans are usually insane. :)

I got my front row spot and was happy. Mission accomplished. The guy next to me started talking and it was nice to kill that waiting-time with a fellow rock fan. He was very young though, hadn’t been to many concerts yet. It was quite a sight to see how enthusiastic he was once the band got onstage! :)

It’s a funny thing with Dave Mustaine – he always looks grumpy. I guess it’s just the face he was born with and it works perfectly within his line of work where you have to look cool. It’s sort of “built-in” in Mustaine’s case.

A few years ago when I took the day off to see Megadeth in Aarhus, Denmark, he looked so pissed off the whole time, and suddenly he goes: “You’ll have to excuse me, I’m having such a good time up here that I forgot to say hello”. He was having a good time? Lol! He wasn’t being sarcastic either. Priceless. :)

Somewhere towards the end of the show, his face did light up and he was smiling as he was pointing at something in the back. Turns out that there was a kid on somebody’s shoulders, with long hair and a leather jacket, that had been headbanging like crazy. Dave wanted to know his name, and the crowd passed on the info so it would reach the stage. I think it was August or something. “That’s a cool name! Makes “Dave” sound so fucking boring. DAVE… I want your name! he laughed.

So the crowd helped the kid get to the stage, where he got Dave’s sweatband and a chat. I don’t know how much he understood English but he liked his present at least. :)) Very cute. You can see all the pics from that HERE. <-Click

In the meantime, there was some idiot up on the balcony in a red t-shirt that was pouring beer at the people on the floor (I was totally marinated in beer…. but I hear it’s good for the hair so what the hell…) and doing F U-gestures at Dave. (why the hell did he pay for a ticket to see the show, I wonder???)

Dave in turn had a few well chosen words for the asshole, something along the lines of “you have a teeny-weeny….” – you get the picture. The guy wouldn’t stop picking a fight, and Dave walked all the way over to the side of the stage, looked up at the idiot, and eventhough I couldn’t hear what he was saying, I could read his lips – “Get down here, I’ll fuck you up you son of a bitch!”

Security finally got something else to do than bugging the front row fans. They were running back and forth telling people not to film the show. I mean, yeah whatever…. It’s so ridiculous to me. It’s 2013 – have they been on Youtube lately? Seriously, what’s the point? Even if people at the front aren’t filming, you can bet your ass that people in the back, WILL….! It’s not 1984 anymore, just sayin’.

I didn’t care, video or no video, I got great stage-footage at Graspop last year so I’m good. I got a few decent photos instead. Once again, go to the Facebook-page for that. :)


The crowd turned out to be pretty civilised after all. I’m glad, cause I was way too tired to deal with drunk moshers.

Another memorable Megadeth show over, glad I went. Really cool stage this time as well! And it’s a bit entertaining to see Dave’s constant guitar-changes. I think he used different guitars for every song, almost. I’m guessing most of them are made by Dean Guitars custom shop, awesome work.

Now I’ve got about three days “off” (still have to go to work though) before the next show – Whitesnake at Wembley next week! :)


GRASPOP METAL MEETING 2012 – MEGADETH memories and reviews (Part 3)

So…. I love Megadeth. Both Vera and Rob were giggling a bit at my teenage-happy face. I was really looking forward to the show and yeah I admit that I was almost terrified at the thought of bumping into Dave Mustaine somewhere back there. After all this time working in the music biz, I’m not easily impressed by “rock stars” anymore, and most bands are on a totally different level nowadays.

Very few still make me feel like a nervous, stoked teenager…!
Megadeth and Whitesnake (what a combo by the way…lol!) are two bands that I still have a lot of respect for.

[From WAY back when I was hanging with Megadeth because former guitarist Marty Friedman was a super-great guy who also happened to be friends with Anders Johansson (former Yngwie-drummer) who in turn happened to be a friend of mine also….:-) So he would get me passes and stuff, very kind person. Maybe I’ll write about those “old” Megadeth-memories some other time! :-)

(Hanging around Megadeth’s stage hours before they showed up)

People around us were working, so the breaks inbetween bands were slightly boring at times. While I was sitting there, overlooking Megadeth’s drumset – somebody got up there and started playing. First I thought it was a roadie or something – but when I took a closer look, it was Shawn Drover himself. He smiled and left. A few minutes later, I bump into Chris Broderick who’s also smiling, warming up right behind the Megadeth backdrop.

(Chris warming up minutes before they hit the stage)

I asked Ellefson’s tech where I could stand so that I wouldn’t be in anyone’s way, cause I saw that people had been told not to stand here or there because the sound-guy needed to see what was going on on stage. I just wanted to enjoy the show without being told to move. “If you stand over there you’ll be good”, he said and pointed at a spot right behind the sound-guy.

Just as I was adjusting my camera – Dave Mustaine suddenly walks right out on stage. I’m glad the camera was on so I didn’t miss anything…!

And the show was….? Well, for me it was freaking great, but it’s the last time I’m ON the stage during a Megadeth concert. There’s something about being in a crazy crowd that’s going insane – that feels right when it comes to Megadeth. Standing there, civilized without as much as sweating, felt kind of snobby and not-so-rock’n’roll.

As much as I realize the privilege of being so close to the band up on stage, it’s still not the way a show is supposed to be experienced.

I love everything about Megadeth – they sound brilliant, and the angry Mustaine-vocals make every syllable believable. I kept hearing from people what a “dick” he supposedly is and that’s something I’ve heard as long as I can remember. There’s always been people disliking him. Not saying that they’re wrong, I don’t know him personally to state otherwise, but if he hadn’t been arrogant, his music wouldn’t have been what it is. It’s the anger and the arrogance that does it.

And maybe I simply LIKE people with an attitude problem. :-)
Back in 1999 I went to Vegas to see Megadeth at The Joint (Hard Rock Hotel). and some chick tried to impress Dave by flashing her boobs. Dave just looked at her, being anything BUT impressed, and said: “You know… if you water them, they might grow.” OUCH! :-)) See, I likethat kind of sarcasm, call me crazy. ;)

The guy doesn’t give a rats ass about anything, I think that most people secretly admire people like that.

So anyway – “the new” Megadeth is better than ever. I used to think they were boring live, but that has changed in the past few years. I don’t know what happened, maybe it’s the chemistry between the current band members, cause it works really well.

But again, watching Megadeth from the side of the stage might be a privilege and I know that – but it’s not the ideal place to actually experience a gig. You’re supposed to be in the mosh pit with a few thousand other maniacs, getting all your aggressions out, getting your ass kicked, sweating and jumping and – all that.

Last year I took the day off to go see Megadeth in Aarhus, Denmark. It was amazing – there was all that aggression in the music that got your adrenaline pumping – it gave you strength and it was like some sort of mental cleansing.

Even at Graspop I was filled with that feeling, but in a less physical sort of way. Any band that can bring out emotions like that, is worth following.

After the show, I met Vera behind the backdrop – and she started laughing. “My god, Daniela, you look like a happy child!” I guess I must have had that “holy shiit they rule!“-face and yes I was definitely happy. Can’t wait to see them again.

MEGADETH photo album on the FB-page: www.facebook.com/intherearviewmirror

A few of the highlights:

Ooooh – myyy – goood! :)))

One of my absolute favorite Megadeth-songs, great lyrics. The filming is terrible but I was trying to actually watch the band without the camera being in the way – and record at the same time. Didn’t work out so well :-D

THIS is when you wish you were in the crowd!


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MEGADETH @ Sonisphere : Review

Megadeth possess an incredible raw power that just hits you over the head like a sledgehammer.

I can’t resist it, I never could. There’s something magical about Mustaines grumpy face and muttery, snarly vocals. It wouldn’t have had the same effect without all that, and most of all, he is the real deal. I like his sarcasm, I like his anger, and I most definitely like the sincerety he puts into the things he does. Basically, he’s got what it takes to keep people coming back year after year.

I remember when I was still a teenager, and a penpal sent me a cassette of “Peace sells…”.

It was something brand new back then. I never got into Metallica and I still haven’t. I’d choose Megadeth over Metallica anytime.
In all honesty, I didn’t get into that album right away. It had to grow on me. But once it did, I was stuck. Here I am, 25 years later (jesus, where did time go?!) still loving this band more than ever.

They can spellbind a crowd of thousands of demanding metalheads, and keep their attention for as long as they want. I love the energy, I love the power they generate, it just fills you – charges you to the maximum. This is what metal is all about.

Dave “Junior” Ellefson looks the same as he did way back, he plays better than ever, in fact, Megadeth has never been this brilliant.

There was a time when they weren’t much to see on a stage. Maybe because there were too many drugs involved or maybe because their minds were all over the place and not necessarily in the live performances. But that has changed- 100%…. I could go and see them play every day for a month and still want more.

In short – Megadeth is the best they have ever been, they DEMAND your attention and they get it. How could they not? It’s brutal, it’s heavy, it’s technically perfect and it’s damn honest. This tour has been a triumphal procession and it ain’t over yet!

MEGADETH in Aarhus, Denmark 21.03.11

Took the day off to go to Aarhus, Denmark and see Megadeth. I keep saying Megadeth eventhough Slayer were headlining. But the only reason I went was for Megadeth. I stayed for 1 song with Slayer, that was quite enough for me.

Took the 3,5 hour trainride from Copenhagen and arrived to a nice, sunny Aarhus. Followed my printed directions and walked to the venue. It was one of the most unusual venues I’ve seen.

It was more of a congress-center, everything was glass…! So, during sound check I thought the windows were going to crack, down to the last one!

I spent all day listening to and watching the sound check, but it quickly got old and they were more than an hour late opening the doors – and then another hour late with the concert. I wondered if I had accidentally ended up at a Guns n’Roses gig.

But when the band walked out on stage, accompanied by the extatic roar from the enthusiastic crowd, it was well worth the waiting!

I’ve seen Megadeth live countless times over the years and as much as I love Megadeth, they used to be the most boring band you could imagine on stage. I always went to see them anyway, because I loved hearing the songs with all that amp-power behind them, that you can’t get from your stereo system at home, no matter how much you try to blow up your speakers (and your neighbors’ ears).

But Megadeth 2011 kicks major fucking ass!

I was blown away when they opened for Judas Priest on their last European tour, and yesterday’s show was still as good as I remember it from the last time. I don’t know what happened, but there is so much drive, so much “F U!” in this band, they deliver the goods!

There’s something primal about Megadeth and their music, I was thinking how super-masculine it is in a way, and there’s a reason why 99% of the crowd is male. But it feels so frikkin’ great when that heavy, aggressive music, the pumping bass and angry, distorted guitars hits your eardrums – it’s like a spring-cleaning for the soul. Whatever might be stored in there, whether you’re aware of it or not, it just goes away. Amazing.

Here’s Mustaine & co yelling “take no shit!”, I don’t know, it just feels fantastic when you’re right up front with the craziest fans, watching Megadeth doing their thing.

And another thing – they don’t age!!

WTF, when Dave Ellefson walked over to our side of the stage with a bright spotlight right in his face, I was thinking to myself that I met this guy back in 1991 and he looked EXACTLY like that! No wrinkles, no nothing.

When most “regular” men tend to lose their hair in their 40’s or somewhere around that time, rockers just seem to grow MORE of it!

Basically, they all looked great. I love Dave Mustaine, he’s just such a unique character. I laughed to myself when half-way through the show he goes:

– I forgot to say good evening…! I’m having to much fun that I forgot to say hi, forgive me!

Only minutes prior to that statement, I was thinking to myself how nobody can look as grumpy as Mustaine. And then he says that he’s having “so much fun”? :) I shouldn’t be surprised. :-D

I like his sarcasm. When I saw Megadeth in Las Vegas back in 1999 (Marty Friedman was still with the band) a girl was flashing her boobs and Mustaine just stood there, not particularly impressed. Then he went: “You know… if you water them, they might grow!” Ouch!! :P

Musically, Megadeth is better than ever. The way the two guitars work together in “Countdown to Extinction” for instance or the contrast between “A Tout Le Monde” and “Peace sells….but who’s buying?”, you get everything from the most raw, caveman brutal metal, to classy guitarwork and an amazingly tight rythm section.

The band interacts perfectly with the crowd, and they are better than they’ve ever been – it’s impossible NOT to raise your fist and yell.

And when it’s all over, and you walk away…. you feel like you’ve just been born again.

From the “good old days” – Marty Friedman and me:

We had a fellow friend – Anders Johansson from Yngwie’s band, now with Hammerfall. They lost touch and I helped him get back in touch with Anders. Once again, this was WAY before internet even existed. :)

And Dave “Junior” Ellefson and me backstage Stockholm early 90’s: