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In the rearview mirror – GEORGE MARTIN (Beatles producer)


The Beatles was the first band I really, really idolized. I knew everything about them. I had all their records, I read every book there was about them… Well, the story is too long and I need some sleep tonight.
But this autograph brings back another memory.

Beatles-producer George Martin came to Malmo back in 1993 to conduct the Malmo Symphony Orchestra for a Beatles-evening at the city concert call.
Of course, I had to go. I mean, it wasn’t a regular concert like the ones I was used to – this was a dress up-fancy sort of thing, but I like to do something different every now and then.

When he walked out on stage, I could not BELIEVE that I was actually breathing the same air as a Beatles-legend. He was the fifth Beatle for crying out loud! So elegant, so cool. :)

I loved the music, it was beautiful to hear the classic Beatles songs performed by a symphony orchestra, conducted by George Martin himself.

Then came the intermisson. Everybody left the concert hall to grab a drink, go to the WC, smoke a cigarette or whatever people do. But I stayed in the hall, because I had noticed that there was a door right next to the stage, and it wasn’t completely closed.
I have no idea what got into me, but I started walking towards that door. There was no security, nothing. I guess they didn’t think there would be any hysterical fans at a serious concert like that, so why bother.

When I got to the black door, I heard people talking in there. I stuck my nose in very slowly, very discreetly… and saw George Martin with his back turned, talking to someone.

In that moment I just thought it’s now or never, so I opened the door, as if I was supposed to be there, and figured that if nobody threw me out within the next five seconds, the coast was clear. Nobody did.

The person George was talking to noticed me and subtly nodded to make him aware of my presence.
George Martin turned around and saw me standing there (oh, there’s a Beatles-song – I Saw Her Standing There).
He was the sort of person who is just so… larger than life. His white hair and very polite, articulate british way was enough to make me speechless.
He smiled and waved as to show me to come in.

I tried to look confident as I handed over the program of the evening and asked if he could sign it for me. He did while he was trying to make conversation. Don’t ask me what he said or what I said (Oh, there’s another Beatles song! She said, she said) cause I have no idea.

After that,it’s all just a blur, I don’t remember anything. It was just unbelievable to me. This man…had been working with John, Paul, George and Ringo… He was a part of their music, he was a living legend and he was standing right in front of me! That was overwhelming.

I still can’t believe I just walked in like that, but I’m glad I did. Sometimes you’ve just got to take your chances and not think too much.

It’s an amazing feeling and I feel so privileged for having met the man who was a part of creating and changing music history. Maybe I should have used that time more wisely, but I guess I was only human for dropping my jaw.