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On my way to the airport but a short one… It was pure Beatlemania at the O2 just about one-two hours ago, when Paul McCartney announced a guest… and then another guest… Those being Rolling Stones-guitarist Ronnie Wood and then – fellow Beatle Ringo Starr!

The crowd went absolutely nuts, the roar tore down the roof!

Gotta run but this is all you need to know – enjoy it!!



Why would you go to more than one gig?

The past few days, I’ve encountered the same reaction from different people – for the exact same thing.

In the summer, the general conversation opener is: “So, when are you going on vacation?”
That usually implies a beach holiday or working on your house or something. And most of all, it usually means “taking time off all at once”.

I haven’t had a traditional vacation in years. It usually bores the hell out of me.
Instead, I use my vacation days, a total of 32 days here in Denmark, and I spread them out over the year, for CONCERTS.

I travel all over the world for gigs. It’s the essence of LIFE to me, I absolutely love it.

I’ve always traveled alone, because most people I’ve met in my life don’t share the same passion quite on the same level, but since late 2016 I’ve shared this passion with a kindred spirit, a guy from Brazil, living in Germany.

We’ve been all over the planet for gigs: Japan, Australia, South America, USA, Europe… Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, Monsters of Rock Cruise, whatever tour was announced that sounded cool.

The memories from the trips, good and bad, are invaluable.
The wonderful places we’ve been to, the people we’ve met, the things we’ve learned – those are memories for LIFE – and I wouldn’t have it ANY other way.

Paul McCartney started announcing new European tour dates recently – and we immediately decided that we would try to do as many of those as possible.
I get excited like a little KID, it never gets old.

So, we decided to dedicate December for sir Paul.

I’ve loved The Beatles since I was a little girl. Back then it wasn’t cool to like some “old dudes” from the 60’s and my class mates thought I was weird for not being into any contemporary artists.

But my love for Beatles’ music was like being infatuated. It generated a kind of high that has lasted a lifetime.
I love Paul McCartney as much as I ever did. His music is the soundtrack of my life.

I mentioned my travel plans to a colleague one morning. She just sat there for a few seconds with her mouth wide open and raised eyebrows before she said:

– But… Doesn’t he play the SAME SONGS?
– Yeah, pretty much, I replied.
– But… Isn’t it enough to see that ONCE? Why would you want to see that over and over again??

Here we go again.
I’ve heard that before. Same reaction. Same question. Same facial expression. And I already know that there’s very little point trying to explain to someone who lives on a different planet than me, why I love it so much. She wouldn’t understand.
There is only one way to understand it – and that is to actually BE there.

The the indescribable feeling of being in a huge stadium somewhere in South America or Japan (or ANYWHERE), with thousands of like-minded strangers that just became family…. seeing thousands of lights from mobiles and lighters swinging back and forth to a deafening ‘na-na-na-na-na-na-naaa’ that’s sounding over the stadium from thousands of voices.
Voices of people who all feel the same love for the music and the artists. That’s powerful stuff.


Songs that bring out emotions and memories like nothing else can. There’s that one song that gets me every time. Whenever Paul plays “Here Today”, the song he wrote for John, I struggle not to cry. I always fail.

Nothing else in life does that for me. The roller-coaster of emotions is beyond anything. The greatness of the experience, the kicks, the smiles it generates, it’s just amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Different artists do different things. Going to a Megadeth-gig for instance, is liberating. There’s so much testosterone aggression there, so much anger and frustration, but at the same time it has a soul.
The loud, hard, and heavy music – and the crazy, wild crowd, is like a cleansing of the soul. Whatever frustrations you might have had when you walked in – will be gone by the time you leave.

Megadeth - Live @ Kanagawa Hall, Yokohama, Japan, 29-05-1995

Going to a concert means that you’re leaving all your daily worries and troubles at the door.
And if you don’t have any, your already good life will feel even greater.
You simply can’t lose.

And then someone asks you “why would you want to see the same songs being performed over and over”…
If they only knew what they’re missing out on.

Fake ex-rock star gets on Facebook

Today’s topic is “fake identities and accounts in social media”. And a great example of one that I came across last night.

I went to check out this guy’s Facebook page, and it sounded like a gold mine – he claimed to have had the same manager as Cream, BeGees and Beatles (as far as I know, the Beatles manager was Brian Epstein, but I might have missed out on some insider information, right?).

He had written hit songs for all the classic bands of the 60’s, been a session drummer with an alias (very convenient if you can’t think of a good lie when people start asking questions) he had played with Santana, Jeff Beck, Albert Hammond… I mean – we’re talking serious celebrity, RIGHT? ;)

But sometimes you gut instincts tell you that something is wrong. Something doesn’t make sense.
The guy had been on Facebook for 3 years and there were no family or friends photos on there anywhere.
He claimed to have worked for Sony Music for 35 years, but also to have founded a multi million dollar business which name I will leave out of this.

He said he was the co founder of that company and that he started working there in 1967. But when I found the company online, I found out that they had only existed since 1971 and this dude was not mentioned ANYWHERE in their company story. He said he was on the board of directors. Well – there were 4 people on there and he wasn’t one of them.

So I started reading his comments. Those who were asking concrete questions got vague answers or none at all. The photos were for the most part obviously not taken by him (you can tell by the various sizes and qualities. Usually you can tell that someone has taken pics with the same mobile or camera).

I ended up photo searching to see if I was wrong or if this person was a fraud. Of course I already knew the answer…

Let’s start with a few of these examples.

This photo for example. It’s supposed to look like he took it before a show. A very subtle way to make it look like the one doing the “rocking” is himself, while at the same time leaving the back door open if anyone should call his bluff – cause then he will just be able to say: “Well I never said that it was ME”… Right.
Now, scroll down a little to see where this pic actually came from.











Here we go. The original photo is from a BON JOVI concert in Ottawa two years ago, in 2013. The “rock star” on Facebook posted it this year as his own.

BonJovi bonjovi2


That was the first “in your face” clue that something wasn’t right, but I kept digging.

This for instance. He says that it’s his daughter. I found this lady’s blog, I also found her name and her Facebook page. She does not have her “dad” on her FB-list. And he doesn’t have any colleagues from Sony Music on his friends list either for that matter. Or pals from Jeff Beck‘s band or any other band he says he’s friends with.





This is the actual person – taken from her blog profile. Wouldn’t a father have a more personal photo than that?




Oh and this one is my favorite! The guy is on TOUR – yee-haa, hey-ho, let’s go! He posts a picture of his tour bus, he’s on his way and everything. People are envious. Only…. That photo wasn’t his. And it wasn’t from that year either. It was from 2 years before and were taken by Nightranger’s tour manager (who’s working with Marilyn Manson nowadays). It’s the exact same photo, what a coincidence!





And here’s where the bus photo actually came from – probably his good buddy! And two years earlier. :)
night ranger

The whole page was full of these pics – I found a few more but you get the idea. What’s even more amazing is that this guy has got over 4000 friends – and not ONE of them has questioned his stories! Not one has gone out of his/her way to check what he’s all about. His story lacks a lot to say the least.

All of the famous bands he says he played with, he was of course the mysterious “alias” guy, and of COURSE he changed his alias every time. Because a session musician doesn’t want to get credit for his work if he can avoid it. Or wait…?

Why don’t we take a look at some of the songs he’s written in his “undercover career”….



I suppose he failed to check who ACTUALLY wrote that song – Jesse Colin Young (who he’s probably refering to) didn’t write it. It was written and recorded before the Youngbloods did. Here’s the info:



How about the famous Albert Hammond song that this shy star wrote but didn’t want credit for (he’s not shy bragging about his accomplishments in the music world on Facebook though…)



First of all – even if an unknown writer would have sold a song to someone else, he would at least be mentioned as one of the session musicians, especially if he played not one but TWO instruments on it! Of course, the mysterious guy isn’t mentioned anywhere. Oh, that’s RIGHT – he used an alias (which changed for every recording of course. I’m sure he was actually the one who wrote Let It Be and Stairway to Heaven as well, he’s just too modest to admit it. Yeah, right). Here’s the real deal on that song:


The ONLY thing that seems legit – if this guy’s NAME even is what he says it is – is some obscure recording back in 1967 that his band won while they were still in high school in Saratoga Springs…! That’s IT! Far from the Doors, Santana, Cream, Beatles, Yardbirds or Jeff Beck! And what’s worse is that he’s taking credit for the work of dead musicians who can’t stand up for themselves.




So… in conclusion – don’t just buy everything you hear – it if seems too good to be true it probably is. And it’s amazing that nobody – out of 4000 people, didn’t think it strange that the photos were so generic and impersonal – or the fact that he never gave a straight answer to anything! Or that it’s strange that he wasn’t sure what year he played Woodstock…

I was entertained today. But probably not the way the guy intended. :D

In the rearview mirror – GEORGE MARTIN (Beatles producer)


The Beatles was the first band I really, really idolized. I knew everything about them. I had all their records, I read every book there was about them… Well, the story is too long and I need some sleep tonight.
But this autograph brings back another memory.

Beatles-producer George Martin came to Malmo back in 1993 to conduct the Malmo Symphony Orchestra for a Beatles-evening at the city concert call.
Of course, I had to go. I mean, it wasn’t a regular concert like the ones I was used to – this was a dress up-fancy sort of thing, but I like to do something different every now and then.

When he walked out on stage, I could not BELIEVE that I was actually breathing the same air as a Beatles-legend. He was the fifth Beatle for crying out loud! So elegant, so cool. :)

I loved the music, it was beautiful to hear the classic Beatles songs performed by a symphony orchestra, conducted by George Martin himself.

Then came the intermisson. Everybody left the concert hall to grab a drink, go to the WC, smoke a cigarette or whatever people do. But I stayed in the hall, because I had noticed that there was a door right next to the stage, and it wasn’t completely closed.
I have no idea what got into me, but I started walking towards that door. There was no security, nothing. I guess they didn’t think there would be any hysterical fans at a serious concert like that, so why bother.

When I got to the black door, I heard people talking in there. I stuck my nose in very slowly, very discreetly… and saw George Martin with his back turned, talking to someone.

In that moment I just thought it’s now or never, so I opened the door, as if I was supposed to be there, and figured that if nobody threw me out within the next five seconds, the coast was clear. Nobody did.

The person George was talking to noticed me and subtly nodded to make him aware of my presence.
George Martin turned around and saw me standing there (oh, there’s a Beatles-song – I Saw Her Standing There).
He was the sort of person who is just so… larger than life. His white hair and very polite, articulate british way was enough to make me speechless.
He smiled and waved as to show me to come in.

I tried to look confident as I handed over the program of the evening and asked if he could sign it for me. He did while he was trying to make conversation. Don’t ask me what he said or what I said (Oh, there’s another Beatles song! She said, she said) cause I have no idea.

After that,it’s all just a blur, I don’t remember anything. It was just unbelievable to me. This man…had been working with John, Paul, George and Ringo… He was a part of their music, he was a living legend and he was standing right in front of me! That was overwhelming.

I still can’t believe I just walked in like that, but I’m glad I did. Sometimes you’ve just got to take your chances and not think too much.

It’s an amazing feeling and I feel so privileged for having met the man who was a part of creating and changing music history. Maybe I should have used that time more wisely, but I guess I was only human for dropping my jaw.