SEBASTIAN BACH – video interview from Malmö

Sebastian Bach visited Malmo on October 1-2. The very first time he’s been to Malmo. Many, many years ago when Skid Row played in Lund (1991) he was eager to come visit me to see the Skid Row collection. I was a collector back in those days and had the largest collection of Skid Row albums, t-shirts and all kinds of memorabilia. Anyway, Baz wanted to see it.

Well…. Guess it’s not a secret that mr Bach isn’t the most mellow guy in the world, and he certainly wasn’t back in those days. So, his body guard had given him a sleeping pill or something so that he could get some rest himself (at least that was the body guard’s side of the story) and the visit never happened.

Twenty years later, a few weeks ago, when this interview was filmed, I jokingly asked Baz again when the f*** he intended to come visit to see that collection. I’ve still got it, it’s taking up half a room. In his typical Baz-manner, he just went: “How about tomorrow?”

I know him. It wouldn’t have happened. :-) There was just so much happening around him that whole weekend, that something else would have come up that he wanted to do more, and basically, I didn’t pursue it. It was just for fun, I’m just glad he still remembers that whole thing.

I’ve said it before: I had the time of my life with Skid Row in the late 80’s, early 90’s. A time I will never forget. Wherever they went, there was always a party. They were full of energy and curiosity, it was just something about this band that separated them from everybody else. It created a friendship that has lasted 22 years. According to Sebastian it’s been anything from 25 years to “the sixties” but it’s 22 years to be more precise. They were young and hungry, so was I – we were going places…! 

Here we are now, like time stood still! I love this guy – how can you not? :) He is still as crazy as he ever was, but if he had been anything but that, he wouldn’t have been Sebastian Bach – THE Sebastian Bach.

Here’s part one of the interview – a large chunk has been cut out because a magazine is going to use it first – but after that, if everything is cool, it’ll be up online. :-) This is just the “warmup”. Enjoy!

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