Not so Electric… Boys

Electric Boys were playing at KB (KulturBolaget) in Malmö Friday night. I expected the place to be jam-packed, cause it was Friday, people just got their money, and most of all, Electric Boys has always been one of the absolutely best live-bands in the country.

Singer, guitarist and songwriter Conny Bloom joined Hanoi Rocks in 2004 and was a member of the band until 2009. That same year, Electric Boys reunited and is now back making cool music together and rocking crowds from north to south. 

I’ve followed the band from day one, pretty much. My personal memories include a cookie-war backstage at KB many years ago when the club was situated in another part of town.

Just as we had turned their dressing room into a cookie-crumble mess and stomped the cookies into the carpet, the OWNER of the club walked in (oh, f***k…).
It’s one thing that the BAND does that, but I was supposed to be this respectable reporter from one of the the main newspapers in the country, Kvällsposten, back then. I’ll never forget the look on the guy’s face when he saw the mess – and then spotted me, being in the midst of throwing one of those damn cookies at the drummer. I guess that’s what’s called “being caught in the act”.

Another time, also at former KB, the band invited me to come and sing their song “Electrified” with them later that evening. We decided this during the interview, and the reason why it even came up was because I showed up at the interview with my bag full of microphones and cables cause I came straight from my own band-rehearsal.

Anyhoo – I was nervous as hell so I spent most of my evening in the bar, “calming my nerves” as it were…. I ended up being in the ladies room barfing, just when they announced “Electrified“. Very classy indeed.
And as if that wasn’t enough, I went straight to the front row, still feeling like crap, and fell asleep with my head resting on one of the stage monitors – during their show…! You know you’re pretty hammered when you manage to sleep with your ear in a monitor – especially during an Electric Boys gig. 
I’ll never forget that. Blame it on my youth! :-) Thank god I don’t do that sort of stuff anymore.

The point is – I saw these guys everywhere during the early 90’s, they have always been a very active touring band, playing everywhere, anywhere, always setting the bar very high. To this day, every time I hear their name, I know that they’re going to kick ass.

But for whatever reason, March 23rd, 2012, wasn’t the best day in Electric Boys’ history. I guess that by any OTHER band’s standards, it would have been good. But with Electric Boys, you expect so much more, because they actually ARE “electric” when they go onstage.

Friday night must have been a pretty bad day for the band for whatever reason. I heard rumors about Conny being sick, which could explain a thing or two. They played well – except for one part when drummer Niclas Sigevall lost a beat, but he quickly got back on track after having three band-mates looking at him with faces that pretty much said: “WTF??”.

The only thing that was lacking, was that main, most important ingredient – the “magic spark” – that extra energy that separates a great band from a good band.
Electric Boys have spoiled us over the years. We got used to them being the band that would simply turn any dull old place into the party central of the year. Friday night was an exception.

Whatever the reason was, I’m not holding it against them.
Anyone can have a bad day. If it’s only once every 20 years, that’s cool by me. :-) 

More photos on Facebook:

[Great party song, good performance, but not quite up to Electric Boys-standards.
It’s entirely my fault though that it’s hard to tell by this video as the only sound my camera is picking up is the guitar monitor. :)]

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