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In bed and in a broom-cupboard – been there, done that!

Came to think of some of the weirdest or funniest interview-occasions I’ve been involved in through the years. Generates a big smile every time. :)

One of the craziest ones was with Pretty Maids when they were playing at the KB-hall in Copenhagen. I was doing the interview for radio, so it had to be somewhere quiet.

But they were doing sound check out there in the big concert arena (those were the days of arena-rock…) so you kept hearing that annoying “ONE….TWO…!” everywhere you went.

After having walked through the entire KB Hall, trying to open various doors without luck, one door suddenly opened. It was the broom-cupboard! Perfect!

With all those brooms and buckets in there, it was definitely sound proof!

Let me tell you, five people in a small broom-cupboard was not easy to organize, and it must have looked absolutely ridiculous if anyone had walked in on us. But they were good sports, took it with a grain of salt and just laughed about it. When asking for a radio ID, this is what I got:

So, you just make the best of the situation. :) It was fun though, having one foot in an empty bucket and the other one on a vacuum-cleaner while trying to be a serious reporter…! The good part? There were NO sound check noises on the tape! ;P

Another strange interview was with the ladies of Vixen when they were on tour with Deep Purple in the early 90’s. Their hotel suite didn’t have CHAIRS. But… it DID have a king-size HUGE bed in the room, so, we all just crawled onto the bed and did the interview there. :) Talk about RELAXED, huh? ;) Here’s Roxy and Share from that “bed interview”….

Janet Gardner walked in later towards the end of the interview, she wasn’t on this taped version.

Other strange things, not necessarily interview-related…. I was doing an exclusive interview with Alice Cooper at SAS Radisson in Malmoe ages ago (didn’t even know until the last minute if he would do it or not) and on my way out,

I met his band in the elevator on my way down. They were in a party mood and asked if I lived nearby. I said I lived almost just around the corner and they got all excited and wanted to come over to my place and party! They got so seriously into that idea that I didn’t know HOW to tell them that it wouldn’t happen.

I was still living with my parents, and just the thought of my mother walking around the house with curlers in her hair and dad being half asleep in front of the TV – and then me walking in with Alice Cooper’s band….just felt slightly bizarre. :)

I told my mom about what happened, and she was almost disappointed that I hadn’t invited them. Her comment? “I could have served them cookies and we had orange juice in the fridge…!”.

Oh. My. God. I’m SO glad that I DIDN’T say yes to THAT! Talk about total humiliation and embarrassment for a young rocker girl. Maybe I would have been more cool about it today but not back then.

Another slightly strange situation happened with Judas Priest. I had done an interview with them in the afternoon and they asked if me and the photographer wanted to come back after the show and hang out. I said I couldn’t cause it was Halloween and I was invited to a Halloween-party. Meaning – I was going to be dressed as some sort of ghost. Or something.

“Even better!” they laughed. Well…. Suit yourself, I thought, so we walked through security after the show that evening, wearing Morticia and ghost-makeup! If Priest even for a moment had thought that we were kidding they were now aware that we weren’t. ;)

It doesn’t happen often that the BAND starts digging for their cameras to take pictures of their GUESTS, but that’s what happened in this case. Either way, it was a fun evening!

[Me and K.K Downing after the show on Halloween!]

Then of course there was the interview that turned into a cookie-war that totally went out of hand. Electric Boys – crazy guys back in those days. Started with Niclas throwing a cookie at me for fun, I threw it back and before you knew it, cookies were flying across the room, people running around, pretty much stomping the chocolate cookie crumbles into the carpet and into the couch while screaming like three year olds.

The owner, Totte, opened the door in the middle of all this and saw me just as I was throwing a cookie. Oh great. The reporter from Kvällsposten acting like a total retard, caught in the act. Oops. The dressing room looked like World War 3, but at least we had fun! :)

Come to think of it – the past 25 years have been so much fun, I’ve loved every minute of it! And it ain’t over yet! :))

Not so Electric… Boys

Electric Boys were playing at KB (KulturBolaget) in Malmö Friday night. I expected the place to be jam-packed, cause it was Friday, people just got their money, and most of all, Electric Boys has always been one of the absolutely best live-bands in the country.

Singer, guitarist and songwriter Conny Bloom joined Hanoi Rocks in 2004 and was a member of the band until 2009. That same year, Electric Boys reunited and is now back making cool music together and rocking crowds from north to south. 

I’ve followed the band from day one, pretty much. My personal memories include a cookie-war backstage at KB many years ago when the club was situated in another part of town.

Just as we had turned their dressing room into a cookie-crumble mess and stomped the cookies into the carpet, the OWNER of the club walked in (oh, f***k…).
It’s one thing that the BAND does that, but I was supposed to be this respectable reporter from one of the the main newspapers in the country, Kvällsposten, back then. I’ll never forget the look on the guy’s face when he saw the mess – and then spotted me, being in the midst of throwing one of those damn cookies at the drummer. I guess that’s what’s called “being caught in the act”.

Another time, also at former KB, the band invited me to come and sing their song “Electrified” with them later that evening. We decided this during the interview, and the reason why it even came up was because I showed up at the interview with my bag full of microphones and cables cause I came straight from my own band-rehearsal.

Anyhoo – I was nervous as hell so I spent most of my evening in the bar, “calming my nerves” as it were…. I ended up being in the ladies room barfing, just when they announced “Electrified“. Very classy indeed.
And as if that wasn’t enough, I went straight to the front row, still feeling like crap, and fell asleep with my head resting on one of the stage monitors – during their show…! You know you’re pretty hammered when you manage to sleep with your ear in a monitor – especially during an Electric Boys gig. 
I’ll never forget that. Blame it on my youth! :-) Thank god I don’t do that sort of stuff anymore.

The point is – I saw these guys everywhere during the early 90’s, they have always been a very active touring band, playing everywhere, anywhere, always setting the bar very high. To this day, every time I hear their name, I know that they’re going to kick ass.

But for whatever reason, March 23rd, 2012, wasn’t the best day in Electric Boys’ history. I guess that by any OTHER band’s standards, it would have been good. But with Electric Boys, you expect so much more, because they actually ARE “electric” when they go onstage.

Friday night must have been a pretty bad day for the band for whatever reason. I heard rumors about Conny being sick, which could explain a thing or two. They played well – except for one part when drummer Niclas Sigevall lost a beat, but he quickly got back on track after having three band-mates looking at him with faces that pretty much said: “WTF??”.

The only thing that was lacking, was that main, most important ingredient – the “magic spark” – that extra energy that separates a great band from a good band.
Electric Boys have spoiled us over the years. We got used to them being the band that would simply turn any dull old place into the party central of the year. Friday night was an exception.

Whatever the reason was, I’m not holding it against them.
Anyone can have a bad day. If it’s only once every 20 years, that’s cool by me. :-) 

More photos on Facebook: www.facebook.com/intherearviewmirror

[Great party song, good performance, but not quite up to Electric Boys-standards.
It’s entirely my fault though that it’s hard to tell by this video as the only sound my camera is picking up is the guitar monitor. :)]

What a week!

WHAT a week it has been…! I guess it’s safe to say it’s been very – Steel Panterish.

Henrik, the camera guy, finished editing the video interview, and it went live. It was everywhere – again. :-)

Twitter. Facebook. Steel Panther’s own official sites. Blabbermouth. Metalpaths. This blog…

Just a few samples:





I’ve probably bugged the hell out of everybody on the FB-page with Steel Panther-shit, but I’m hooked. Want to go to London on the 31st this month to see their last European show on this round. But my main plan is Las Vegas in July to see their show at the House of Blues. It’s a great excuse to go to Vegas, because I love Vegas!

Last time I was there was for the VH1 Rock Honors (Kiss, Queen, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Foo Fighters and more) in 2006, which feels like ages ago. Can’t wait to go back to the biggest playground in the world!

It’s been a great week for tour announcements as well. BILLY IDOL is coming back to Europe this summer. A bunch of summer festivals. Frankly, I’m not really a big fan of festivals. People are always drunk out of their minds, it’s always in the middle of nowhere, difficult to get to, you’re walking large areas, if it rains you’ve got nowhere to go, if the sun fries you, there’s nowhere to hide. It’s not all bad, I love Sweden Rock and Graspop, but it’s also very challenging.



Tue 26th Jun 2012 Arena Moscow Moscow Russian Federation

Fri 29th Jun 2012 Peace And Love Festival Borlange Sweden

Wed 4th Jul 2012 Tollwood Festival Munich Germany

Fri 6th Jul 2012 Moon And Stars Festival Locarno Switzerland

Sat 7th Jul 2012 Villa Contarini Piazzola sul Brenta (Padua) Italy

Sun 8th Jul 2012 Porsche Arena Stuttgart Germany

Tue 10th Jul 2012 Stadpark Hamburg Germany

Fri 13th Jul 2012 Glam Rock Festival Nr Linz. Austria


One of the best live-bands is going on their 30 years of thunder tour – W.A.S.P. I love that band. You can say all sorts of things about Blackie Lawless, and I’ve got a few stories of my own, but one thing is for sure – he is one hell of a songwriter and frontman. I hope I’ll be able to catch the W.A.S.P-gigs. Here are the dates by the way, with the latest additions:


21 – London, UK – The Forum 
22 – Edinburgh, UK – HMV Picture House 
23 – Newcastle, UK – Academy 
24 – Belfast, Ireland – Ulster Hall 
25 – Dublin, Ireland – Vicar Street 
27 – Manchester, UK – Hmv Ritz 
28 – Leeds, UK – Academy 
29 – Nottingham, UK – Rock City 
30 – Norwich, UK – Waterfront 

1 – Wolverhampton, UK – Wolfrun Hall 
3 – Cardif, Wales – The Great Hall 
4 – Bristol, UK – Academy 
10 – Hässleholm, Sweden – Qpoolen 
11 – Trollhätan, Sweden – Älvhögsborg 
12 – Sundsvall, Sweden – Spegelsalen, Stadshuset 
13 – Örebrö, Sweden – Kongress 
14 – Eskilstuna, Sweden – Lokomotivet 
16 – Tallin, Estonia – Rock Cafe 
17 – Helsinki, Finland – The Circus 
18 – Tampere, Finland – Tampere Hall 
19 – Turku, Finland – Logomo 
20 – SeinaJoki, Finland – Rytmikorjaamo 
21 – Lulea, Sweden – Kulturenshus 
25 – Huskvarna, Sweden – Teaterladan 
26 – Stockholm, Sweden – Rockklassiker Krysningen 
27 – Karlstad , Sweden – Nojesfabriken 

2 – Tilburg, The Netherlands – 0 13 
3 – Antwerp, Belgium -Trix 
4 – Lille, France – Le Splendid 
5 – Paris, France – Le Bataclan 
6 – Toulouse, France – Bikini 
10 – Lisbon, Portugal – Campo Pequeno 
14 – St. Etienne, France – Le Fil 
15 – Strasbourg, France – La Laite 



AND – the greatest news of the day for ME at least, was THIS! FIREWIND announced their fall tour earlier today! :-))

The album is coming out soon, then pretty much like the last time they released their album, Gus G went on tour with Ozzy, so his own thing had to be postponed. This time it’ll be almost the same scenario, but maybe this tour saves the whole PR-thing that they must do to support the album-release.

Last year was definitely a Gus G-year, saw the dude 19 times, the gig in Athens a few months ago was the 20th, haha! I just think that on stage he is an old-school rockstar. He’s got the looks and the moves of a guitar hero, and he plays like a god. Offstage he is a pretty quiet kind of guy who I really haven’t talked to a whole lot, other than the interview at Sweden Rock last year and occasional e-mails. Compared to most party-animals in the business, he is more interested in working hard and perfecting his craft, than acting like a rockstar once he leaves the stage. 

I respect that. And most of all, I love the live-energy and the top-notch musicianship in Firewind, they are damn impressive! Like this one – one of my favorites (funny enough, my favorites tend to be their instrumentals!) SKG:

[Check out bassplayer Petro’s fast fingers…! You’d think I speeded up the video…! So damn cool. Filmed this in Cologne, Germany]

My Firewind-tour from all over Europe, UK and USA last year is in the Firewind blog: www.firewindtour.posterous.com

Tomorrow I get a visitor – Vera from Russian Classic Rock is coming, we’re going to see Electric Boys at KB here in Malmo. Also a kickass live-band!

I think that the summer and the fall is coming together nicely, I can’t wait for all the new adventures 2012 is going to bring! :-)