Fant(h)astic – Steel Panther back in the fall

It looks like 2012 won’t be much different from 2011 concert- and travelwise. While 2011 was very much a Gus G/Firewind year, this year will be slightly different. Or actually QUITE different. I’ve fallen like a rock for Steel Panther, I think I even got a few bruises in the process…!

A friend told me just the other day how he had showed a female friend a Steel Panther-interview (I believe it was mine actually…) and her comment was that she “didn’t get it“. 

Maybe no wonder, you would have to have been around for the whole eighties glam- and hairmetal era to “get” Steel Panther. At least you’ve got to have some knowledge of the scene to be able to pick up on the jokes, which in essence is a huge exaggeration of everything that hair metal was all about when it was at its peak.

It’s pretty much a parody of Poison and Motley Crue really. :-) 

I’m stuck on YouTube every single day looking through Steel Panther-stuff. I’ve become a junkie, it’s funny as shit, and there’s TONS of it!

I really wanted to go to London on Saturday and see their last show on this European leg of the tour, but it’s way too expensive. Can’t believe the flights are so expensive for London this particular weekend?! It’s usually cheap, so I don’t know why it costs so much now all of a sudden.

If I manage to get a cheap last minute-flight I’ll go, but if not, it’s cool. There is a “Plan B”.
I was thrilled to see that the band is coming back for 3 extra shows in Germany this summer – AND a whole UK tour in November!

Oh yes – I AM going, no doubt about it! Manchester for sure – Manchester rocks. :-) 

This is a “feel-good”-band. It’s just about having a good time and I’m all for that! The live-shows, the ripoffs of classic hard rock anthems and the silly lyrics, it’s all part of the package and will make it worth the time and money spent travelling all over the place to see them.
One time was all it took, now I want more..!

If I live on crispbread and water next month, I’ll even be able to see two shows in Vegas in July. 
Hm. Yes. I think I will. I most definitely will. :-))))) Vegas (and men in tights) – here I come! 

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