Ozzy: “Go back to Black Sabbath? That will never happen!”

THIS…. Is one of those memories that sticks in your mind forever. Might have forgotten some details over the years, bits and pieces that kind of came back to me as I was listening to this whole interview, but basically, I still remember what it looked like, what I was thinking and feeling, the whole atmosphere.

It was a HUGE thing for a 20-year old. My god, I was brand new at this. I had been working for the paper for about 5 months and I was a dedicated metalhead. Just IMAGINE being sent off to meet Ozzy – the one and only. I thought I was going to die…! :))

Anyway, there will be more from this interview. I just found an audio software that helps me restore and fix the bad sound of these really old cassette interviews. I mean, this thing has been kicking around drawers and boxes and whatnot, for 24 years!!!!!!!!

Can’t believe it’s been that long!

Anyway, the coming weekend I’ll be fixing the audio for the whole, full interview. So… check the Facebook-page for updates. :)

I just picked out THIS part, because Ozzy’s talking about BLACK SABBATH – and how he will “NEVER” go back, because “it’s a dead horse”…. Hmmm! :-))


(Jan 22, 2013)

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